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  1. The platform is home to the world’s largest video-on-demand catalogue in the classical music industry with concerts, operas, ballets, documentaries, master classes and jazz programmes available to stream in high definition (HD). The video content available on this platform is rated PG13 and below.

    Accessibility features for include alternative text for images, subtitles for concert programs (operas, documentaries), complete keyboard navigation for users, total support of orientation mode.

    Available at all libraries and from home.

    You will be leaving the National Library Board’s site if you choose to use the services under Medici. Please be informed that Medici’s platform has a feature that allows you to create an individual account if you wish to do so. Note that this is an optional feature and you have to make your own decision whether to provide any personal data that is needed for it. The National Library Board is not responsible for any matter that arises if you decide to create any such individual account.

  2. MusicSG

    MusicSG is a non-profit digital archive set up to digitise, archive and provide access to all forms of published Singapore musical works. It assembles a collection of music composed or published by Singaporeans, music produced or published in Singapore, and music related to Singapore. Resources featured are based on collections (e.g. by composers and items related to places in Singapore) and composers. They can be also browsed by genres which include the following Campaign Music, Chinese Classical, Computer Music, Films/TV/Musicals, Folk, Hip Hop/Rap, Indian, Jazz, Malay, National Music, Pop, Religious Music, Rock/Metal, Trance/Techno, Western Classical.

    This edatabase has been replaced with National Library Online with effect from 4 Oct 2023. Available at all libraries and from home.

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