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  1. Apabi Digital Library of Chinese e-books encompasses all genres. In conjunction with hundreds of publishing houses, the Apabi database is a constantly growing library collection of Chinese e-books covering arts, agriculture, aerospace, business and management, economics, education, history, laws, literature, language, healthcare, medicine, military science, philosophy, psychology, religion and many other subjects.我馆拥有北大方正电子有限公司制作的电子图书总量为35万余种、70万余册和年鉴1千余种。其中电子图书为来自 400 多家出版社的正版电子图书,覆盖了中图法所有二级分类。

    Currently, you can search and browse Apabi eBooks titles using public terminals at NLB libraries. To download and read Apabi eBooks you need to access the Apabi Library using your own computer. You also need to install the free Apabi Reader, which is available from: http://www.apabi.com/soft/MLReaderSetup.exeAvailable at all libraries and from home.

  2. Gale's eBook platform provides top titles from the best nonfiction publishers and complements other eBook platforms. NLB’s Gale eBooks collection feature Malay language titles, and Singapore and South East Asia related topics and titles. Noteworthy eBook collections also include The Papers Of Lee Kuan Yew (19 volumes), National Day Rally Speeches and more.

    Accessibility features for Gale include keyboard navigation, skip navigation links, descriptive page titles, adjustable text size and font, text-to-speech, optimised screen width and optimal contrast ratios, and option to display on-screen or download Optical Character Recognition (OCR) plain text of historical archive documents. For more information on Accessibility, click here.

    Available at all libraries and from home.

  3. Previously known as NetLibrary, eBooks (which include audiobooks) are now searchable on the EBSCOhost platform, providing a single source for discovering book content. It offers easy-to-use functionality with access to the latest content and best-selling titles (including Singapore & Southeast Asia titles) from the world's leading publishers. Its new EBSCOhost interface supports useful features such as browsing by subject area and by latest titles added to a library's collection; viewing of table of contents; searching by specific terms with hyperlinked pages; navigation of chapters and sections; optional download capabilities and much more.

    Accessibility features for EBSCO eBooks include keyboard navigation, screen reader, braille display, zooming or scaling tools, and EBSCO online viewer. Many books are available in EPUB format that have Digital Rights Management (DRM) protection, and require Adobe Digital Editions to read offline. EBSCO also offers many DRM free eBooks, which can be used in any reader software. For more information on Accessibility, click here.

    Available at all libraries and from home.

  4. OverDrive

    OverDrive offers a wide range of eBooks, audiobooks, comics and eMagazines. To borrow and read the titles in NLB's collection, please use the NLB Mobile app or Libby app.

    Available at all libraries and from home. The OverDrive app will be sunset by end 2022. It will be removed from the Apple App Store, Google Play and Microsoft store from 23 Feb 2022 and will not be available for new users. Existing users of the OverDrive app are encouraged to switch to the Libby app. The OverDrive website will continue to be accessible.

  5. This is a diverse collection of non-fiction ebooks from leading publishers suitable for students, professionals and other information seekers. The collection spans all academic subject areas such as the arts and humanities, social sciences, physical sciences and technology, business and economics, computers and IT, fine arts, law, life sciences and medicine. Also, includes additional premium content such as maps, journals, and reports.

    Accessibility features for ProQuest databases include keyboard navigation, speech recognition software navigation, skip navigation links, headings navigation and is compatible with full keyboard control and screen reader. ProQuest provide captions for the majority of video content, allows adjustable colour contrast in browser settings and zoom up to 400% using browser tools without text spilling off screen. For more information on Accessibility, click here.

    To download chapter(s)/ebook(s), please install Adobe Digital Editions, which is available from: http://www.adobe.com/sea/solutions/ebook/digital-editions/download.html. Available at all libraries and from home.

  6. Singapore Digitised Books

    Discover Singapore through images digitised from printed sources, including rare imprints from the Singapore National Library's collection as well as from the British Library's Oriental & India Office Collection.

    Available at all libraries and from home.

  7. A collection of tamil language e-books with titles from many subject interests such as poetry, literature, novel etc.

    Available at all libraries and from home.

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