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eResources for Adults

Featured Resources

Highlighted below are resources to support learning online, get market analysis, and conduct research.

Upskilling, Wellbeing and Information Literacy

  • S.U.R.E programme

    How do we make sense of the information around us? Check out our S.U.R.E packages for school, work, and life.

  • NLB`s Learning Packages

    Resources organised by themes such as Pandemics, Upskill and Upscale, and Wellbeing.

eLearning: Business, Technology and Design

  • LinkedIn Learning for Library

    LinkedIn Learning for Library is a leading online learning platform that helps users learn business, software, technology and creative design skills to achieve personal and professional goals. Through NLB’s subscription to LinkedIn Learning for Library, users will have access to a library of engaging, top-quality courses taught by recognized industry experts.

Business and Market Research

  • Country Report provides daily political and economic analysis, and macroeconomic forecasts for various countries globally.

  • Power strategic decisions with Factiva's global news database, deep archives, and research platform.

  • MarketLine Advantage offers an interactive platform giving you anytime access to up-to-date information and financial data on companies, industries and countries.

Research Databases

You can use our research databases to get industry news, trade journals, and academic research. Topics include business, social science, the arts, science and technology. See our list of databases.

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