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  1. EIU Viewpoint provides insights into a country’s political and economic outlook and business environment and includes long term forecasts up to 2050. It offers comprehensive and independent assessment of a country’s sovereign, banking, currency, economic & political risks with a horizon of 2 years and analysis for six key industries in a country. Detailed coverage of China’s provinces as well as forecasts are also included.

    Accessibility features for EIU Viewpoint include screen reader support, alt text for images and closed captioning for selected videos.

    Available at all libraries and from home.

  2. Euromonitor Passport

    Euromonitor Passport covers thousands of product categories and industries, and market research helps users better understand core business and future opportunities. Passport's robust analysis and visualisation tools allow research with real-world relevance, and can be applied to strategic planning, economic analysis, industry benchmarking, competitive threats and market entry studies.

    Accessibility features for Euromonitor Passport include support for non-text content, pre-recorded audio and video content, pre-recorded captions, text resizing and colour contrast.

    Available for online viewing via the multimedia stations at the National Library and all regional libraries only. Downloading of any information is not permitted.

F: 44AND220AND44AND148, 70AND132AND60AND82;

R: 100AND121AND102AND38;