Portrait of Mr. Lim Nee Soon, 1910s


Portrait of Mr. Lim Nee Soon, 1910s
This is a portrait of Mr. Lim Nee Soon (林义顺) holding a cane and standing next to a rubber tree. He was a prominent Teochew millionaire, and pioneer rubber and pineapple planter in Singapore. He was one of the founders of Tung Meng Hui (中国同盟会) or Chinese Revolutionary League branch in Singapore (1906); President of Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce (1921-1922, 1925-1926); President (1929-1930) and later Vice-President of Singapore Teochew Poit Ip Huay Kuan (1931); the founder of Ee Hoe Hean Club; Director of Overseas Chinese Bank Limited (1920-1922); and Chairman of Overseas Assurance Corporation Limited (1921-1931). Title devised by Library staff.
Taken from book 义顺社区发展史, page 105