Dr. Thio Su Mien with her young children, 1971


Dr. Thio Su Mien with her young children, 1971
Dr. Thio-Huang Su Mien with her two children, Thio Shen Yi (left) and Thio Li Ann (right). She was Dean of Faculty of Law at University of Singapore (1968-1971); and the founder and Senior Executive Director of TSMP Law Corporation (1998-to date). Li Ann became a law professor at National University of Singapore (2000-to date); and Nominated Member of Parliament (Jan 2007-2009). Shen-Yi became Joint Managing Director of TSMP Law Corporation. Su Mien's husband, Mr. Thio Gim Hock, was Member of the water polo team at the Olympic Games (1956); and Engineer at Singapore Harbour Board and later Port of Singapore Authority (1962-1971). Su Mien's father, Reverend Huang Yang Ying, was the founding Principal of Anglican High School (1956-1958). Su Mien's brother, Professor Huang Hsing Hua, was Deputy Vice-Chancellor of National University of Singapore (1981-1994). Title devised by Library staff.
Taken from book Singapore : a Straits Times National Day special feature, August 9, 1971, page 31