Raffles Collection VI

“Nearly the whole of this volume is concerned with the resumption of Java by the Dutch in 1816. 1, pp. 1˗16: Memo. of points to attend to on the Transfer of the Colony to the Dutch in 1816. [n.d.] 2, pp. 17˗20 : Th. R(affles) to the ... Governor and Council, Prince of Wales Island. Batavia, 12th March 1816. He has, this day, handed over charge to John Fendall; he cannot at present take up his appointment at Bencoolen, as, on the advice of a Medical Committee, he is proceeding to the Cape and perhaps to Europe. 3, pp. 21˗23: Th. S. Raffles to the Acting Resident, Fort Marlborough. Batavia, 12 March 1816 The same subject. 4, pp. 25˗26: (Raffles) to John Fendall Esqre Lieutt Governor.... Batavia, 14th March 1816. Asks for permission for Sir Thos. Sevestre, Assistant Surgeon, to accompany him on his voyage. 5 pp. 29˗461: Proceedings of the Commissioners from Holland on resuming the Colony in 1816. (a) pp. 29˗257: Memorandum of Proceedings on the arrival of Commissioners from His Majesty the King of Netherlands charged to resume possession of this Colony in pursuance of the Convention concluded between Great Britain and the Netherlands in August 1814. This is a journal of the proceedings and events connected with the transfer, dating from 6th March 1816 [Raffles gave over charge to Mr. Fendall on 12th March 1816] to 16th January 1817. Pages 194˗249 appear to be out of place, and should come after page 257. The record begins, ‘On the 6th March 1816 Major Nahuys reached Batavia ... and delivered to the late Lieutenant Governor a letter from Mr Elout First Commissioner .... On the 27th April Mr Elout First Commissioner, and Rear Admiral Buijske Third Commissioner landed at Batavia ....1 May. In reply the Lt Governor informed the Commissioners that he had as yet received no Instructions or Authority with regard to the delivery over of this Colony ....12 May. On an application being received for the landing of the Troops ... the local Government would not feel itself justified... in allowing the whole Force to land without a previous understanding upon the Subject.... 12 June. Received this day by Express from Batavia a packet from the Honble Chairman and Deputy Chairman which arrived in H.M. Ship Alceste. This Dispatch is as follows....20 June. Mr Elout on perusing the proposal to guarantee existing Treaties and other Memoranda prepared for Consultation said on Each ‘Impossible’ ˗˗he grew warm and used harsh and intemperate expressions.... Admiral Buijske advised him to be quiet adding˗˗Violence will do us no good.... 5th July. The differences which exist in the discussions between the Commissioners are˗˗the date at which the seat of Government shall be delivered over to them, ˗˗the guarantee of the existing Treaties, and the claims of the British Govt in the Districts resumed or repurchased from the Chinese Land Proprietors.... 13th July. A suggestion that an offer should be made to the Commissioners that our Troops at Maccassar shd assist theirs in following up the blow recently struck against the Ex Raja of Boni & his confederates.... 20 Novr. Mr Bauer called this morning on the part of the Commissioners General to request a supply of cash from the British Treasury .... 29th Dec. Sir W. Grant Keir has received private letters ... from which he learns that he is nominated to the General Staff at Bombay...’ &c. &c. &c. The above extracts, of course, do not pretend to be an analysis of this document of 229 pages, which contains much interesting information. Apparently the journal is not complete, for on page 249 is written ‘For continuatin see Blank Book No. 5.’ (b), pp. 258˗461: These pages contain documents connected with the transfer of the colony. They are generally of later date than the above Journal, and some of them are connected with the Joint Commission appointed on 20th September 1816. (i), p. 258: List of Recoverable & doubtful debts. Batavia,18 Jany 1817. (ii), p. 260: Extract uit de Resolutien genomen in de Algemeene Vergadering van het Bataviaasch Genootschap vankunsten en Wetenschappen op Woensdag de 24e Augustus1814. (iii), pp. 264˗269: C. Assey to Messrs. Bauer, Goldman and Sack, Members of a Joint Committee. Weltevreeden; 31 May 1817.Encloses certain vouchers. One of these refers to the sum due for the Portrait of Lord Minto (Sa. Rs. 12,000), which is now in the Harmonic. [Copy.] (iv). p. 272: Amount of Government securities on the 1st May 1816. (v), pp. 274˗275: Messrs Bauer, Goldman & Slack to Messrs Assey & Dalgairns, British Members of the Joint Commission. Batavia, 4 June 1817. Debts, &c. [? Autograph.] (vi), pp. 276˗281: Messrs. Assey & Dalgairns to Messrs. Bauer, Goldman & Sack. Ceceroa, 5 June 1817. Outstanding debts. (vii), pp. 284˗285: Messrs. Assey & Dalgairns to Messrs Bauer, Goldman & Sack.... Weltevreeden, the 10th June 1817. Proposes a conference on certain claims. [Copy.] (viii), pp. 288˗289: C. Assey, Secy to Govt to the Managers of the Society of Harmony, Batavia. Batavia˗˗February 1815. On the conditions of use of the building inhabited by the Society. [Copy.] (ix), pp. 292˗309: (J. Fendall, &c.) to ... the Earl of Moira, K.G., Governor-General. ... Weltevreeden the 17May 1817. ‘... the principal Financial Questions, with the Exception of the outstanding Debts regarding which we are still at issue with the Commissioners General of Nether-lands India, are now adjusted. ... We have transmitted to their Excellencies a final and conclusive proposition with regard to the outstanding Debts. ... We proceed to lay before your Lordships’ Council a concise narrative of what has been done on Each Question ....’ [Copy.] (x), pp. 310˗313 : John Fendall, W. G. Keir, Thos. Abraham, W. J. Cranssen to His Excellency ... The Earl of Moira ...Weltevreeden, 17th May 1817. On Javanese convicts and others brought back from Banjermasin. (xi), pp. 314˗316: John Fendall ... to the Earl of Moira.... Batavia, 17th May 1817. The Islands of Bangka, and Billiton, and the Commissioners. [Copy.] (xii), pp. 318˗321: Extract Proceedings in Council. 22d May 1817. The supply of records to the Netherlands Commissioners. (xiii), pp. 322˗324: Thos Horsefield to the Secretary to Government. Soura Carta, October 25th 1816. On the delivery of his collection to the Court of Directors, and an advance to him of 3,000 Spanish Dollars. [Copy.] (xiv), pp. 327˗328: Capital amount outstanding on Mortgages under the first of October 1816. (xv), pp. 330˗369: Summary of the proceedings in the Joint Commission at Batavia appointed under the Instructions bearing date the 20 September 1816. (For the names of the Commissioners see Nos. (iv) to (vi) above.) Summaries of the discussions and conclusions on the following points are given˗˗Paper Currency, Mortgage bonds, Lombard Bank, Probolinggo and Besuki lands, Outstanding debts, Arrears of revenue, Changes since 13th August 1814, Residency Houses, Funds of the Reformed Church at Batavia, Marine School at Temarang, Records, &c. (xvi), pp. 372˗376: Lyst der gevraagde papieren door Zijne Excellentie den Lieutenant Governor. Papers relating to Acheen (1616); Banjemasing (1638, 1640); Camboja (1644, 1656, 1665, 1666); Chinese (1665, 1679, 1680, 1687, 1741); Cochin China (1622); Japan (1641, 1642, 1653, 1639, 1658,1732, 1795) are referred to. (xvii), pp. 380˗383: Claims of the Dutch Govt brought forward by the Commisn ... Abstract of Appendix FF.24 June 1817. (xviii), pp. 384˗387: Statement of the Account between the British and the Netherlands Governments at the close of the financial arrangements connected with the restitution of Java. (xix), pp. 388˗394: Note explanatory of the annexed Accounts Current on the Districts of Probolingo and Bysukie. (xx), pp. 396˗399: Remarks on the second Statement of Claims of the Dutch Government brought forward by the Netherlands Members of the Joint Committee appointed to close the Accounts. (xxi), pp. 400˗403: General Account of Property transferred… to their Excellencies the Commissioners-General of ... the Netherlands. (xxii), pp. 400˗427: Opinion of the Board on the Claims preferred for the Netherlands Government. ... 16 May 1817. (xxiii), pp. 428˗438: Account of Contingencies (1815˗1817). (xxiv), pp. 441˗442: Account current of the Charges of the Settlement of Banjermassin (1812˗1815). (xxv), pp. 444˗451: Extract Proceedings of the Hon’ble the Lieutenant-Governor in Council. Batavia, 21 Octr 1814 A bill of exchange twice paid to Major Robison. (xxvi), p. 452: Memorandum for Mr Raffles respecting the Establishment of Sourabaya under the former system. 10th Jany. 1814. Alex. Adams. (xxvii), pp. 454˗461: Extract Proceedings of the Hon’ble Lieutenant-Governor in Council. Batavia, 4 February 1817.Finances of Bangka"--Provided by teh British Library. (British Library shelfmark(s): Mss Eur F31)


Raffles Collection VI
Raffles, Thomas Stamford, Sir, 1781-1826--Correspondence
1819-1826 Founding and early years
1816 / 1817
British Library
William and Judith Bollinger
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