A contribution to Malayan bibliography

A compilation of 400 titles of works on Malaya, Borneo, Indonesia, the Philippines and the Moluccas from various sources, including those in the British Museum Library and Logan and Raffles Libraries. The catalogue lists books, government gazettes of the Straits Settlements, Legislative Council papers, administration reports, ordinances, Parliamentary papers, local newspapers, journals and magazines, as well as dictionaries and books on vernacular languages of the region.


A contribution to Malayan bibliography
Dennys, N. B. (Nicholas Belfield)
Politics and Government
Southeast Asia--Bibliography
Language and literature
Law and government
History>>Asia>>Southeast Asia
1867-1914 Port city
Straits Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society, [1880]
Digital Description
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Table of Contents
A. Works relating to Straits Settlements affairs exclusively
B. Works relating to Malaya, (other than those dealing with the Netherlands East Indies, Borneo, the Philippines and Moluccas)
C. Works relating to the Netherlands East Indies (exclusive of Borneo)
D. Works relating to Borneo
E. Works relating to the Philippines and Moluccas
F. Works containing incidental notices of Malayan countries
G. Grammars, dictionaries, vocabularies, &c. in European languages and Malay
H. Comparative vocabularies and grammars, dictionaries, &c. in Malayo-Indonesian languages.
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