Raffles Papers

RAFFLES PAPERS. Vol. III. Complimentary addresses from the people of Java to Raffles on his retirement as Lieutenant-Governor in 1816. Contents as follows:-(1) Addresses from residents and public bodies in Batavia, two of which, ff. 3-5 (in both Dutch and English), 6-7b (a copy), are printed in the Java Govt. Gazette Extraordinary of 24 Mar. 1816, while one from Raffles's staff (ff. 9-10b) is partly printed in C. E. Wurtzburg, Raffles of the Eastern Isles, 1954, p. 402; March 1816. ff. 1-10b;- (2) Addresses (ff. 11-12b in both Dutch and English) from inhabitants of the eastern part of the island, bearing the signatures mostly of Europeans but including (ff. 15b, 16) those of three native rulers, followed (ff. 22-24) by a conflated copy of the addresses; circ. April-May 1816. ff. 11-24;-(3) Addresses from native rulers in Javanese and Malay (ff.25r-96r), mostly with seals and one (ff. 28b-29) illuminated; circ. March-May 1816. ff. 25-96, including ff.25r-v: the Susuhunan of Surakarta; ff.26r-27v; the Sultan of Yogyakarta; ff.28v-29r, the Panembahan of Sumenep, in Malay, illuminated; ff.30r-31r, Sultan Sepuh of Cirebon; ff.35r-v, Sultan Anom of Cirebon, in Malay; etc. etc. In all 44 letters, in Javanese and Malay, many with seals, using various scripts, Javanese, Arabic/Jawi and one romanized Malay (ff.36r-v, from the Regent of Cianjur). The Javanese scripts reflect the differing local styles. All dated 1816. (4) English translations of the preceding addresses from native rulers together with one (ff. 97-98) from the Susuhunan the original of which is not included in the present collection, and copies (ff. 99, 108) of two replies from Raffles, followed (ff. 122-125b) by copies of the address at ff. 22-24 (in both Dutch and English) and of related correspondence; March-June 1816. Used as printer's copy, evidently for Addresses, &c, presented to Mr Raffles, on the occasion of his departure from Java, London, 1817. ff. 97-125b.Island of Java: Addresses to Sir Stamford Raffles from native rulers and other residents: 1816.: Engl., Dutch, Javanese and Malay.Sir Thomas Stamford Bingley Raffles, colonial governor: Correspondence and papers: 1812-1816.: Engl., Dutch, Javanese and Malay.includes: > f. 1 Herman Warner Muntinghe, of the Lieutenant -Governor's Council, Java: Letter to Sir Stamford Raffles: 1816. > f. 3 Johannes Theodorus Ross, Professor of Theology in Java: Address to Sir Stamford Raffles, signed by: 1816.: Engl. and Dutch. > f. 9 Charles Assey, Secretary of the Government of Java: Joint letter to Sir Stamford Raffles, signed by: 1816. > ff. 99-121b Lieutenant Cathcart Methuen, of the Bengal Army; Captain 1818: Translations of Javanese letters: 1816.: Signed.


Raffles Papers
Raffles, Thomas Stamford,--Sir,--1781-1826-- Correspondence
Indonesia--Politics and government--1798-1942
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