G.P. bulletin, issue 1 (1983)

This is the 1983, issue 1 of G.P. Bulletin by Temasek Junior College. It contains the Cambridge Examiners' report on the 1981 General Paper, the 1981 G.C.E. General Paper, and a collection of students' essays.


G.P. bulletin, issue 1 (1983)
Temasek Junior College
Temasek Junior College
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Temasek Junior College, 1983
Temasek Junior College
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Table of Contents
1981 G.C.E. General Paper
Cambridge Examiners' report on the 1981 General Paper
"Cartoons and comics are dangerous publications - they should be banned!" Do you agree?
'Only a radical change in social customs and values can ensure that attempts to industrialize will succeed. This will mean the inevitable loss of cultural identity and increased Westernization, but the price is worth it.' Do you agree?
Do You think the increasing intervention of one country in the affairs of another has contributed to the current political instability? Substantiante your answer with current examples
What changes, if any, would you like to see in your country's education system?
Scientific training tends to destroy the power of artistic appreciation
In an age of science what are the social responsibilities of non-scientists?
"Of our times"
What has been done for the handicapped people in your country and what changes do you think are desirable in our attitudes to the needs of the handicapped?
FORUM on 'The social-problem of suicide'
Discuss the consequences that may arise from the widespread use of genetic engineering
In your view, has Asean succeeded in maintaining peace and stability in South-east Asia and brought economic prosperity to the region?
"Music is a kind of international language" Do you agree?
Some common errors
A short story
A thoughtful wish for 1983.
All rights reserved. Temasek Junior College, 1983


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