Anatomy of a free mind : Tan Swie Hian's notebooks and creations

"Specially commissioned to complement his 2016 exhibition, this bilingual monograph features more than 100 of Swie Hian’s multi -disciplinary works and selected pages from his never before-published notebooks. Organised into 35 groups in accordance with the exhibition format, this book offers an insight into the free mind of a creative genius and artist extraordinaire"--Back cover.


Anatomy of a free mind : Tan Swie Hian's notebooks and creations
Chen, Ruixian, 1943-
Chen, Ruixian, 1943--Exhibitions
Arts, Singaporean
Editions Didier Millet, 2016
National Library Board Singapore
Yap, Su-Yin
Cross, Martin
Sng, Siok Ai
Digital Description
application/pdf, 11771 KB, 272 p. : ill. (chiefly col.)
Table of Contents
Foreword by Elaine Ng, CEO, National Library Board, Singapore
前言 / 梁宝珠 新加坡国家图书馆管理局总裁
Preface by Tan Swie Hian
序 / 陈瑞献
Introduction by Yap Su-Yin
导论 / 叶苏莹
Tan Swie Hian’s Notebooks and Creations 陈瑞献稿本与创作. 1. Ode to Euphrates Poplar 胡杨颂. 2. Portrait of Bada Shanren 八大山人画像. 3. When the moon is orbed 月圆时候. 4. The river of Sages freezes 圣哲之川结冰. 5. The celestial web 天网. 6. Cat’s cradle 猫戏. 7. Chess of the mind 心棋. 8. Dynamic equilibrium 动力之平衡. 9. Yellow Emperor’s birthday anniversary 庚辰年黄帝圣诞志. 10. Graffitied portrait of Charlie Chaplin 卓别林涂鸦像. 11. Green Tara in the green sky 绿度母在绿天. 12. The Nelson Mandela unity series 曼德拉团结系列. 13. L’enfer, c’est les autres 地狱,那是他人. 14. Window – homage to Matisse 窗户—向马谛斯致敬. 15. A magpie comes with a pine twig 鹊衔松枝来. 16. I carry your heart 我带上你的心. 17. Knot of bliss 妙乐之结. 18. A couple 情侣. 19. Shaking hands with a Great Man / Writing the elegiac couplet 跟伟人握手 / 撰写挽联. 20. Portrait of Chin-san Long 郎静山画像. 21. Minotaur-Picasso 人头牛身毕加索. 22. The discovery of a new medium 一种新媒体之发现. 23. The purest song of praise 至纯颂歌. 24. Real toads in an imaginary garden 想像花园中的真蟾蜍. 25. Sinistral conch stupa 左螺塔. 26.The winged steed 天下之马. 27. The straw dog 刍狗. 28. The swing is her only flight 秋千是她唯一的飞翔. 29. A dance of care 护舞. 30. The phoenix’s-eye domain / Couplets on Chinatown 凤眼界 / 牛车水楹联. 31. The Three Gorges stone engravings by world Chinese painters: a preamble 世界华人画家三峡刻石序. 32. Two illustrated poems 两首绣像诗. 33. White horse and reed flowers 白马与芦花. 34. Portrait of Guillevic 纪亦维小像. 35. Greeting clouds 问候之云.
Notes on Tan Swie Hian 陈瑞献简介
Index 索引
Acknowledgements 鸣谢.
All rights reserved. National Library Board Singapore, 2016


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