Raffles and Hastings : private exchanges behind the founding of Singapore

“The book contains a good deal of original documentation, but it does not pretend to offer a comprehensive account of the founding of Singapore since it omits all reference to the correspondence between Lord Hastings and the Governor-General of the Netherlands India, Baron G.A.G.P. van preface der Capellen, as well as details of the protracted negotiations between the British and Netherlands governments which led to the Treaty of London in 1824 and the recognition of Singapore as a British possession. These subjects have been examined by the Dutch scholar P.H. van der Kemp in his numerous publications, and by Harry J. Marks in his monograph, Th e First Contest for Singapore 1819–1824 (The Hague, 1959)”—Preface.


Raffles and Hastings : private exchanges behind the founding of Singapore
Bastin, John Sturgus, 1927
Raffles, Thomas Stamford, Sir, 1781-1826--Correspondence
Hastings, Francis Rawdon-Hastings, Marquess of, 1754-1826--Correspondence
Pre-1819 Temasek
Marshall Cavendish Editions, 2014
National Library Board Singapore
Digital Description
application/pdf, 9908 KB, 225 p. : ill. (some col.), col. maps
Table of Contents
List of illustrations
List of letters
Note on the letters
Preface – I. Beginnings of the relationship – II. Raffles’s expansionist policies in Sumatra – III. Hastings favours the Southern Melaka Straits – IV. Mission to the eastward – V. Establishment of a British station at Singapore
VI Raffles’s offi cial account of the founding of Singapore – VII. Raffles’s private reports on the founding of Singapore
VIII. Rapid progress of the Settlement – IX. Raffles as a “Political Agent” in the Malay Archipelago – X. Proposal for the Amalgamation of Pinang, Singapore and Bengkulu – XI. Raffles and Singapore – XII. The resident of Singapore – XIII. Final exchanges and Hastings’s death
Appendices: additional letters of Raffles
Sources – Index.
All rights reserved. National Library Board Singapore and John Sturgus Bastin, 2014


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