Standard Malay made simple / Liaw Yock Fang

This text is a Malay language course intendedto help the adult learners to gain a mastery of the language. Learners of this course who have mastered the materials will be able also with some adjustmentto understand the standard form of Bahasa Indonesia, both in its written and spoken forms.


Standard Malay made simple / Liaw Yock Fang
Liaw, Yock Fang
Malay language--Study and teaching--Foreign speakers
Malay language--Textbooks for foreign speakers--English
Singapore : Times Books International, 1988
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application/pdf, 403 p.
Table of Contents
partial contents: pt. I. lesson 1. A. Conversation: Diri sendiri (About oneself). B. Structure: Subject-predicate (Saya guru). C. Grammar: nouns. D. Word formation: nouns. lesson 2... lesson 3... lesson 20...
pt. II. lesson 1. Comprehension: Kehidupan di rumah pangsa. lesson 2. Comprehension: Cita-cita Setinggi Langit. lesson 3. Comprehension: Keluarga Bahagia. lesson 4. Comprehension: AsaI-Usul Mama Singapura. lesson 5. Comprehension: Harun Aminurrnashid...
Appendix 1. Bahasa Melayu and Bahasa Indonesia
Appendix 2. An English-Indonesian-Malay vocabulary
Key to the exercises.
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