Straits Settlements government gazette, no. 1-52 (Jan. 3-Dec. 25, 1868)

Official notifications issued by the Straits Settlements Government in 1868, containing proceedings of the Legislative Council's meetings, speeches, administration reports, announcements of government ordinances, bills, as well as notices pertaining to public administrative and regulatory matters.


Straits Settlements government gazette, no. 1-52 (Jan. 3-Dec. 25, 1868)
Straits Settlements
Gazettes--Straits Settlements
Straits Settlements--Politics and government
Politics and Government
Printed at the G.P.O., 1869
Government of Singapore
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Table of Contents
Partial contents: no. 6, 7th Feb. 1868. Government Notification No. 19: Account of the average amount of notes in circulation at the branch of the Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China, Singapore for the month ending 31st January 1868...
no. 12, 20th Mar. 1868. Government Notification No. 54: Circular No. 285: Instructions to officers in British possessions abroad. Merchant Shipping Act, 1867: Medical scale for merchant ships
no. 24, 12th June 1868. Legislative Council. No. II of 1868: An ordinance to amend the law relating to coroners' inquests
no. 41, 9th Oct. 1868. Legislative Council. No. XII of 1868: An ordinance to regulate pilots and pilotage
no.52, 25th Dec. 1868. Legislative Council. No.XX of 1868: An ordinance to impose a water- rate within certain parts of the Settlement of Penang.
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