The autobiography of Munshi Abdullah

Narration of Abdullah's life from the days of his ancestors up to the English rule in Malacca and the founding of Singapore.


The autobiography of Munshi Abdullah
Abdullah Abdul Kadir, Munshi, 1796-1854
Abdullah Abdul Kadir, Munshi, 1795-1854
Community leaders
Printed at the Methodist Pub. House, 1918
Shellabear, W. G. (William Girdlestone), 1862-1947
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application/pdf, 21991 KB, 160 p.
Table of Contents
ch. 1. Abdullah's forefathers
ch. 2. The birth of Abdullah
ch. 3. Beginning to learn to read
ch. 4. The destruction of the Malacca fort
ch. 5. The story of Mr. Farquhar and an elephant drive
ch. 6. Raffles comes to Malacca
ch. 7. The arrival of Lord Minto
ch. 8. The treachery of Tengku Penglima Besar
ch. 9. The Anglo-Chinese College is founded at Malacca by Mr. Milne
ch. 10. Col. Farquhar's search for a strategic position
ch. 11. The founding of Singapore
ch. 12. Dutch rules in Malacca
ch. 13. The story of Tengku Long.
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