Malay poisons and charm cures

The author describes in detail the different kinds of poisons and charms used by the Malays in the 20th century. The book also contains the different circumstances and situations in which these charms and poisons are used. The author also describes the different methods used and the locations where these poisons can be obtained.


Malay poisons and charm cures
Gimlette, John D. (John Desmond), 1867-1934
Ethnic Communities>>Customs and Traditions
Traditional medicine--Malaysia--Malaya
People and communities>>Customs>>Folklore>>Paranatural and legendary
J. & A. Churchill, 1923
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Table of Contents
ch. I. Methods of poisoning and Malay charms in general
ch. II. The work of the Bomor in relation to clinical medicine
ch. III. Charms and amulets
ch. IV. Black art in Malay medicine
ch. V. Spells and soothsaying
ch. VI. Poisons obtained by Malays from fish
ch. VII. Other poisons obtained by Malays from the animal kingdom
ch. VIII. Poisons obtained by Malays from jungle plants
ch. IX. Other poisons of vegetable origin
ch. X. Poisons from inorganic sources used by Malays
Appendix I. Spells and charms transcribed into Romanised Malay
Appendix II. Classification in natural orders of the poisonous plants
Appendix III. An alphabetical list of the Kelantan poisons.
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