Researches on Ptolemy's geography of Eastern Asia (further India and Indo-Malay Archipelago)

The author uses ptolemaic toponyms and ethnonyms to describe the historical geography of the various parts of India, Indo-China and South-east Asia.


Researches on Ptolemy's geography of Eastern Asia (further India and Indo-Malay Archipelago)
Gerini, G. E. (Gerolamo Emilio), 1860-1913
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Ptolemy, 2nd cent. Geographia
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Royal Geographical Society, 1909
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Table of Contents
I. Preliminary Remarks. 1. Introduction. 2. Calculations: mathematical rectification of Ptolemy's further-Indian geography
II. Historic-geographic evidence and commentary on the identifications proposed for the prolemaic toponyms in further India and the Archipelago. ch. 1. Coast of the Airrhadoi. ch. 2. Argyra (Arakan). ch. 3. Country of the Zamirai and Dabasai (Upper Burma). ch. 4. Gold Country (Lower Burma). ch. 5. Coast of the Besyngeitai and Sarabakic Gulf (Coast of Pegu: Gulf of Martaban). ch. 6. Golden Khersonese (Malay Peninsula). ch. 7. Country of the Doanai (Northern Siam and Laos). ch. 8. Country of the Lestai (Southern Siam and Kamboja). ch. 9. Region of the Great Gulf (Annam and Tonkin). ch. 10. Islands of Trans-Gangetic India
III. Appendices
IV. Addenda and corrigenda
V. Appendix of additional notes
VI. Indices
VII. Tables
VIII. Maps.
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