Chinese leadership and power in colonial Singapore

This publication contains a collection of papers on Chinese leadership and power in colonial Singapore. It traces the seeds of Chinese political leadership in the late 19th century to its high point in the 20th century, and how Chinese leadership has influenced the politics of Singapore in the twilight of colonial rule.


Chinese leadership and power in colonial Singapore
Yong, C. F. (Ching Fatt)
Chinese--Singapore--Politics and government
Heritage and Culture
Singapore : Times Academic Press, c1992
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Table of Contents
Pt. I: Chinese political and community leadership in pre-war Singapore. ch. 1. Chinese leadership in nineteenth century Singapore -– ch. 2. Rivalry between the new and old Chinese Chambers of Commerce — contending elites and power struggle within the Chinese Community of Singapore, 1912-1914 –- ch. 3. A preliminary study of Chinese leadership in Singapore, 1900-1941 -– ch. 4. Patterns and traditions of loyalty in the Chinese community of Singapore, 1900-1941
pt. II: Tan Kah-kee (1874-1961): the non-partisan Chinese nationalist. ch. 5. Emergence of Chinese community leaders in Singapore, 1890-1941 -– ch. 6. Economic success and political leadership — the case of Tan Kah-kee of pre-war Singapore –- ch. 7. Tan Kah-kee: the making of an overseas Chinese legend
pt. III: The Malayan Kuomintang movement. ch. 8. The 1911 revolution and the Kuomintang movement in Malaya and Singapore, 1912-1925 –- ch. 9. The Kuomintang movement in Malaya and Singapore, 1925-1930
pt. IV: The Malayan communist movement. ch. 10. Origins and development of the Malayan Communist movement, 1919-1930 –- ch. 11. An investigation into the founding of the Malayan Communist Party in 1930 –- ch. 12. Joseph Ducroux and the Malayan Communist movement in 1931
pt. V: The creation of a Singaporean identity among the Chinese. ch. 13. Some thoughts on the creation of a Singaporean identity among the Chinese: the pre-PAP phase, 1945-1959
pt. VI: British colonial elite and colonial policy towards the Chinese. ch. 14. British attitudes towards the Chinese community leaders in Singapore, 1819-1941 -– ch. 15. British colonial rule and the Chinese press in Singapore, 1900-1941.
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Positions held by leaders... Number of Chinese and Eng... Posts held by early Singa... List of leaders of Strait... Statistics on the Chinese... Titles and decorations he... Dialects, birthplaces and... List of donations to char... List of Chinese leaders i... Numbers and percentages o... List of Chinese newspaper... General background inform... List of office bearers of... List of leaders of Strait... Portrait of Sir Song Ong ... Mr. Tan Kah Kee with his ... Messrs. Tan Kah Kee and H... Portrait of Mr. Tan Jiak ... Portrait of Mr. Tan Kim C... Portrait of Mr. Lim Peng ... Portrait of Mr. Aw Boon H... Portrait of Sir Laurence ... Portrait of Mr. A.M. Good... Portrait of Mr. S.J. Chan... Portrait of Mr. Rene Onra... Portrait of Mr. A.B. Jord... Portrait of Sir Cecil Cle... Portrait of Mr. Lee Choon... Portrait of Sir Shenton T... Portrait of Sir Hugh Clif... Portrait of Sir Malcolm M... Portrait of Mr. Lim Han H... Portrait of Mr. Lim Boon ... Portrait of Sir John Ande... Portrait of Sir Arthur Yo... Portrait of Mr. Wee Swee ... Portrait of Mr. Lim Nee S... Portrait of Mr. Chuang Hu... Portrait of Mr. Lim Keng ... Portrait of Mr. Lee Chin ... Portrait of Mr. Tan Chor ... Portrait of Mr. Teo Eng H...
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