Dictionnaire Malais-Francais. Tome premier

This premier volume (1875?) provides preface that describes the history of the manuscript to this dictionary. It also includes preliminary notes on the finer points of the Malay language such as the pronunciation, classification of words, etymology, orthography and the list of authors that Favre consulted. The tables of the Malay alphabet are in Jawi, Javanese, Batak, Macassar and Bougis, Tagal and Bisaya, Sanskrit. The words start from "alif" character to "nun" onwards.


Dictionnaire Malais-Francais. Tome premier
Favre, Pierre Etienne Lazare, 1812-1875
Malay language--Dictionaries--French
Language and literature>>Languages>>Austronesian and Oceanian languages>>Malay
Malay languages and dialects
Imprimerie Impériale et Royale, 1875
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