Some glimpses into life in the Far East

This book is a recollection of the time the author spent in the Far East 30 years earlier when he was a young man. His description is about what he observed and experienced during his stay mainly in Penang, Singapore and Malacca - the different ethnic groups, their daily lives, food, customs, superstitions and ceremonies. He also relates incidents of the excesses of the East India Company's officials against the locals. Other sketches include his friendship with Whampoa, a prominent, generous and upright Chinese businessman in Singapore, Governor Butterworth, Abdullah Munshi, Oamut and others.


Some glimpses into life in the Far East
Thomson, John Turnbull, 1821-1884
Southeast Asia--Description and travel
Singapore--Description and travel
Malaysia--Description and travel
Malay archipelago
1826-1867 Straits settlements
Description and travel
Streets and Places
Richardson & Co.,, 1865
Digital Description
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Table of Contents
ch. I. The Straits of Sunda
ch. II. Batavia
ch. III. The last plunge
ch. IV. Singapore
ch. V. The Malacca captain
ch. VI. Malacca
ch. VII. Pulo Pinang
ch. VIII. The dinner party
ch. IX. The church
ch. X. Meccawee
ch. XI. An Excursion
ch. XII. Native marriage ceremony
ch. XIII. Kockchai
ch. XIV. The fatal accident
ch. XV. Penang hills
ch. XVI. The Indiaman
ch. XVII. The Kinduri
ch. XVIII. The Devil cast out
ch. XIX. The land purchase
ch. XX. Oamut
ch. XXI. Oppressions
ch. XXII. Despotic officialism
ch. XXIII. Che Kota
ch. XXIV. Disclosures and reflections
ch. XXV. A water excursion
ch. XXVI. Another raid
ch. XXVII. The boar hunt
ch. XXVIII. Reptiles and insects
ch. XXIX. Keddah disturbances
ch. XXX. Keddah history
ch. XXXI. Superstitions
ch. XXXII. Ramasamy Pillay
ch. XXXIII. Native connections
ch. XXXIV. The first Chinese war
ch. XXXV. Sir George Bonham
ch. XXXVI. The Nonia or Nona
ch. XXXVII. Return to Singapore
ch. XXXVIII. Terumbo Myet
ch. XXXIX. Captain Samuel Congalton
ch. XL. Sungei Kallang
ch. XLI. Captain William Scott
ch. XLII. Gunong Poolai
ch. XLIII : The Jew of Bagdad
ch. XLIV. The Eurasian family
ch. XLV. The Delhi Moonshee
ch. XLVI. The serenade
ch. XLVII. Captain Donker
ch. XLVIII. Governor Butterworth
ch. XLIX. Native burial grounds
ch. L. An English ship taken by Chinese
ch. LI. An English ship taken by Malays
ch. LII. Malay mutiny suppressed
ch. LIII. A black man made white
ch. LIV. Whampoa
ch. LV. Malacca once more
ch. LVI. Sungei Baboo
ch. LVII. The Kissang
Chapter LVIII : Abdulla bin Abdul Kader Moonshee.
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