Straits Settlements government gazette, v. 20, no. 40-53 (Oct. 1-Dec. 31, 1886)

The government gazette publishes ordinances and notifications covering the political, municipal, financial, public and commercial responsibilities of the Straits Settlements Government. These issues contain notifications on official appointments, tenders, land notices, meteorological observations, financial statements, lists of jurors, etc. as well as annual reports on various government departments and minutes of the meetings of the Legislative Council.


Straits Settlements government gazette, v. 20, no. 40-53 (Oct. 1-Dec. 31, 1886)
Straits Settlements
Gazettes--Straits Settlements
Straits Settlements--Politics and government
Politics and Government
Printed at the G.P.O., 1886
Government of Singapore
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Table of Contents
Partial contents: v. 20, no. 41. Govt. notification no. 477. Comparative statement of the revenue under "The Stamp Ordinances, 1881 and 1885" at Penang, during the months of August, 1885 and 1886
v. 20, no. 43. Govt.notification no. 488. The International Copyright Act, 1886
v. 20, no. 47. Govt. notification no. 531. Ordinance No.XIV of 1886. An ordinance for making provision for the public service for the year 1887
v. 20, no. 48. Govt. notification no. 548. Ordinance No.XVII of 1886. The Advocates' and Solicitors' Costs Ordinance 1886.
All rights reserved. Government Printing Office, 1886


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