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  1. Infobase Learning Cloud offers bite-size, on-demand learning modules that help students, educators, and professionals build skills in the classroom, at work and in life.

    Accessibility features for Infobase Learning Cloud include partial compatibility with screen readers (e.g. missing labels in some parts), synchronized closed captioning for videos, interactive transcripts, keyboard navigation, and colour contrast between the font and background. Text can be resized up to 200% without loss of content or functionality and intuitive navigation throughout the course and the platform. For more information, please click here.

    Available at all libraries and from home.

  2. LinkedIn Learning

    LinkedIn Learning is a leading online learning platform that helps users learn business, software, technology, creative design and other skills to achieve personal and professional goals. It has a content library of more than 21,000 courses taught by over 2,900 industry experts with real-world experience. Every instructor is vetted based on criteria such as their deep, practical knowledge, credibility and credentials.

    Accessibility features for LinkedIn Learning include pre-recorded captions and text resizing. For more information, click here.

    Available at all libraries and from home.

    Kindly note that, you are now leaving the National Library Board (NLB) web resources and entering the LinkedIn Learning services. The NLB accepts no liability whatsoever for LinkedIn’s services; data collection features; and their online courses that you will be accessing next. You are encouraged to read the LinkedIn’s terms and conditions of use.

  3. Video Learning Portal (VLP)

    VLP is a one-stop site with video contents curated by our own NLB staffs. This is our very own YouTube+ portal where we can host videos for training and learning and share them securely within ourselves as well as our patrons.

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