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How To: Read Airiti Chinese eBooks on Your Smart Phone/Tablet

To activate downloading Airiti Chinese eBooks using ‘iRead eBook’ mobile app for offline reading, first time user needs to login to Airitibooks via NLB’s eResources website.

Go to Airitibooks via NLB eResources website

Click ‘会员登入/ 注册’ then ’确定’.

会员登入/ 注册


Log in using myLibrary ID and password.

Login with myLibrary ID and password

Step 1

Depending on your mobile device, go to either the Google Play store or the Apple App store and search for the ‘iRead eBook’ app. Proceed to install the app based on your device’s OS requirements.

iRead eBook app

Step 2

Upon successful installation you should be able to find the ‘iRead eBook’ icon. Tap to launch.

iRead eBook app displayed in the mobile device

Step 3

User should tap on ‘搜寻图书馆’. Type ‘国家图书馆管理局’. Tick ‘国家图书馆管理局’ and click ‘确认’.

Tap on 搜寻图书馆

Tick 国家图书馆管理局

Step 4

Login to mobile app using myLibrary ID and password.

Login using myLibrary ID and password

Step 5

After a successful login, you will be directed to the ‘MyBooks’ section of the app. This will be empty for first time users of the app but will gradually fill up with titles that have been borrowed against the user account.

Redirect to MyBooks

Tap on ‘借书去’ where you can borrow books. Tap on the ‘search’ icon to do a Search. Type in your search e.g. "健康" and tap on the cover image to view the details of the title.

Tap on the search icon to do a Search

Step 6

This section of the app shows the details of the selected eBook such as title, author, publisher, publication year and subject category.

Details of the selected eBook

Step 7

Tap on ‘国家图书馆管理局’ and follow by ‘下载阅读’ to checkout the title. A successful checkout will always be followed by the message “借阅成功!请至’MyBooks’下载阅读.”

下载阅读 to checkout

Successful message - 借阅成功!请至’MyBooks’下载阅读

Step 8

Go to ‘MyBooks’ to view the titles that are on loan to you. Tap on the cover image of the title that you wish to read to initiate the download process. Cover images of titles that have not been downloaded for reading will appear in black and white. Downloaded titles will be in full colour.

Tap on the cover image of a title that you want to begin reading.

Tap on the cover image to begin reading