How To: Read an EPUB file

How do I read an EPUB file?

ePub is an open standard format for ebooks, a format used to publish ebooks. The difference between an ePub format file with a normal doc file is it was created to be flexible with font size and text layout, allowing you to read the same material on any mobile device with different display dimensions.i.e. tablets, smartphones etc.

However, it is not possible to open files with *.ePub extensions on your browsers, even though you can do that with *.pdf and *.doc (opened with Google Docs) files. To open *.ePub formatted files, you need an ebook-reader application like those available on tablets like the iPad.

There are many popular viewers for EPUB. Some popular readers (not comprehensive) are as follows:

Adobe Digital Editions (Windows/Mac)

Calibre (Windows/Mac)

Aldiko (Android Devices)

EPUBReader Firefox Extension (Windows/Mac)
Note: Firefox extension "EPUBReader" which lets you view files directly in Firefox.

For more details on the EPUB standard and common readers please see:

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