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  1. Apabi Digital Library of Chinese e-books encompasses all genres. In conjunction with hundreds of publishing houses, the Apabi database is a constantly growing library collection of Chinese e-books covering arts, agriculture, aerospace, business and management, economics, education, history, laws, literature, language, healthcare, medicine, military science, philosophy, psychology, religion and many other subjects.我馆拥有北大方正电子有限公司制作的电子图书总量为35万余种、70万余册和年鉴1千余种。其中电子图书为来自 400 多家出版社的正版电子图书,覆盖了中图法所有二级分类。

    Currently, you can search and browse Apabi eBooks titles using public terminals at NLB libraries. To download and read Apabi eBooks you need to access the Apabi Library using your own computer. You also need to install the free Apabi Reader, which is available from: at all libraries and from home.

  2. Factiva Companies & Executives

    Factiva Companies and Executives brings together the most respected financial and business publishers into one comprehensive collection. Gain access to business information containing over 25 million companies and 40 million executives. Deep content sets includes financial statements, analyst reports, executives’ profiles, peer comparisons, latest company news, corporate family and more. Factiva Companies & Executives 数据库集合了最具权威性的金融商业数据,包含超过2500万家公司和4000万高管的商业信息,以及一系列的财务报表、分析师报告、高管资料、同业比较、即时企业新闻、公司结构等信息资源。

    Available at all libraries. With unlimited database access.

  3. HyRead’ is a Chinese eBooks and eMagazines platform offering mainly titles published in Taiwan. It also includes Chinese publications from Hong Kong, China, Singapore and Malaysia. The content includes Fiction, Literature, Humanities, Business, Comics, etc. Users can access the eBooks and eMagazines via PC, or through the HyRead 3 mobile app which is available from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. 平台主要提供台湾的中文电子书与电子杂志,但也包括了来自香港﹑中国大陆﹑新马等地的中文出版品。内容种类包括文学小说﹑人文﹑商业、漫画等。可供网上阅读或下载到个人电脑及移动装置。

    Available at all libraries and from home.

  4. iRead eBook is a Chinese eBook platform offering mainly titles published in Taiwan. Subjects covered include fiction, literature, humanities, social sciences, national sciences, languages, arts, business, leisure, travel, health, etc. For downloading of eBooks for offline reading, patrons would need to install iRead eBook software if they are using PC, or download the Airiti Reader mobile app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.华艺中文电子书平台收录主要来自台湾出版社的华文电子书,可以使用电脑在网上或下载阅读,或透过手机和平板电脑下载阅读。书籍种类包括小说、文学、人文、社会科学、自然科学、语言学习、艺术、商业、休闲、旅游、健康等。

    Available at all libraries and from home.

  5. Collection of Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) eNewspapers including The Straits Times, The Business Times, The New Paper, Lianhe Zaobao, Lianhe Wanbao, Shin Min Daily News, Berita Harian and Tamil Murasu. Depending on the newspapers, access to previous issues varies from 7 to 13 days.

    Available at all libraries and from home.

  6. China Online Journals (COJ) provides a collection of over 8,000 Chinese academic journals in full text, covering subjects from arts, finance to medicine and technology. 中国学术期刊数据库(COJ)提供超过8000种中国全文学术期刊,涵盖各种学科如艺术、财经、医学和科学。

    Limited to 10 concurrent users for remote access. Available at all libraries and from home. Kindly note that some content such as open access articles supplied by external vendors on the COJ platform may not be available due to copyright restrictions.

  7. The Chinese Periodical Full-text Database holds more than 25,000 digitised full-text periodicals published in China from 1911-1949 with vast subject coverage such as politics, military, foreign relations, education, philosophy and religion. 该数据库将全面收录民国时期2万余种期刊,数据总量高达1000万余篇,分11辑出版,内容涵盖中国近代1911-1949年间政治、军事、外交、经济、教育、思想文化、宗教等各方面的内容,作为历史档案的重要补充,它具有极重要的学术、史料价值,是研究该时期历史的第一手资料。

    Available at all libraries and from home.

  8. This database covers approximately 500,000 articles published in 302 Chinese-language periodicals between 1833-1911. The extensive collection covers periodicals published during key historical periods in China's history such as the Opium war, the Wuxu Reform Movement of 1898, and Xinhai Revolution of 1911. The types of periodicals include women’s periodicals, comics, and periodicals in the vernacular. Topics covered include politics, military, international relations, economics, education, philosophy and religion. 该数据库收录了1833-1911年间300余种期刊,计28万余篇文献,几乎囊括了鸦片战争、洋务运动、戊戌变法和辛亥革命等时期出版的所有期刊,其中包括妇女类期刊、小说期刊、白话文期刊以及科技类期刊等。

    Available at all libraries and from home.