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Kuo Pao Kun (b. 1939, Xiaoguo village, Hebei, China–d. 10 September 2002, Singapore) was a playwright who produced plays in both English and Chinese. He is considered one of the most significant dramatists in Singapore and a pioneer of Singapore theatre. Many of his works, created over four decades, have been translated into Malay, Tamil, German, Japanese and Arabic. Many, too, have been produced and performed by theatre companies in Singapore and abroad. He was awarded the Cultural Medallion in 1989.

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1 The coffin is too big for the hole : excerpt
Kuo, Pao Kun, 1939-2002
Manuscript , 01/01/1985
2 Descendants of the eunuch admiral : excerpt
Kuo, Pao Kun, 1939-2002
Manuscript , 01/01/2003