How To: Borrow NLB eBooks using OverDrive App

What do you need?

Mobile device

Mobile Device
Any smartphone or tablet with WiFi / data (e.g. 3G) connection.

User Account

User Account
To download eBooks, use your myLibrary ID.

Step 1

Add NLB in your OverDrive app

To add NLB in your OverDrive app, first launch the OverDrive app.

Tap the icon in the top-left corner to open your Home menu.

Show on how to open Home menu

Tap "Add a Library" to search for NLB.

Click Add a Library for NLB

Type "national library board, Singapore" and click Search.

Show on how to search NLB

Add "National Library Board, Singapore" by tapping on text "National Library Board Singapore" next to the star icon and you will be brought to NLB's OverDrive collection.

Tapping NLB to add

Click the arrow beside the NLB to go NLB overdrive collection

Click Sign In to download an eBook from the NLB's OverDrive collection.

Need to Sign In to be able to download eBook

Step 2

Download an eBook from the NLB's OverDrive Collection

Enter your NLB myLibrary ID and Password to sign in.

To login using myLibrary ID and password

Upon a successful login, you are now able to browse, search and download an ebook of your choice.

Simply click on the book cover of the selected title to go to the title's details page.

Show on how to go to title details page

If the title is available, click "Borrow".

If the title is not available, you can click either "Add to Wish List" or "Place a Hold".

Do Borrow or Add to Wish List or Place a Hold

When you are ready to download the books in your cart, simply click "My Account".

Then, click either "Download" or "Read" button.

You will now be able to enjoy the downloaded ebook or read it from your browser.

Able to enjoy the ebook by downloading or reading


If you need further assistance, please contact our helpdesk.