Second Link

by Tan, Bonny

The Second Link is a 1.9-kilometre-long bridge that connects Tuas and Tanjung Kupang in Johor, Malaysia. It was officially opened on 18 April 1998.1

Initial plans to launch the opening in July 1997 and October 1997 were stalled because of tensions in bilateral ties.2 The causeway was eventually opened for public use on 2 January 1998 at 10.00 am.3 The immigration and quarantine complex on the Malaysian side, the Sultan Abu Bakar Complex, is about 4 km from the bridge.4

The Singapore government contributed S$811.1 million to the total construction cost of S$1.5 billion, while Malaysia footed the remaining S$688 million.5 The bridge can carry a capacity of up to 200,000 vehicles daily.6

Tolls are levied in both directions, so a motorist pays the toll charges four times on a round trip. The Singapore Government collects at Tuas, while on its opposite side, tolls are collected by the Malaysian Government and the Malaysian concessionaire company, Linkedua, which sank more than RM$1 billion to build the bridge and the Malaysian expressway for the new crossing. The average number of vehicles that used the causeway fell from 12,600 to about 8,000 once the tolls were imposed. Comparatively, tolls at the first Causeway are levied only in one direction.7

Toll charges8
The following describes the Second Link toll charges for the arrival and departure for various types of vehicles over the years:

Motorcycle: S$0.50 (1998); S$0.60 (2005); S$0.70 (2008); $0.50 (2010 to present)
Car: S$2.50 (1998); S$3.20 (2002); S$3.70 (2005); S$4.60 (2008); S$3.20 (2010 to present)
Van/small lorry: S$6 (1998); S$7.30 (2002); S$8.30 (2005); S$10.50 (2008); S$7.40 (2010 to present)
Big lorry: S$12 (1998); S$14.50 (2002); S$16.60(2005); S$21 (2008); S$14.70 (2010 to present)
Taxi: S$2 (1998); S$2.40 (2002); S$2.70 (2005); S$3.50 (2008); S$2.50 (2010 to present)
Bus: S$3 (1998); S$3.90 (2002); S$4.40 (2005); S$5.60 (2008); S$3.90 (2010 to present)

2 Jan 1998:
Second Link opened for public use.9

17 Mar 1998: Implementation of tolls.10
18 Apr 1998: Official opening of Second Link.11
29 Oct 2000: First Johor-Singapore Second Link Bridge Run.12


Bonny Tan

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