Kim Seng Road

Kim Seng Road, street, the east boundary of the Bukit Merah area, is located within the Central Region. It was named after Peranakan philanthropist Tan Kim Seng. 

The Kim Seng Bridge on Kim Seng Road, the most westerly of the 9 bridges crossing the Singapore River, carries Kim Seng Road from River Valley Road to Havelock Road. It also marks the supposed source of the Singapore River, and its upper reaches flows as the Alexandra Canal.

The landmarks here include Great World City Complex where once stood the Great World Amusement Park entertainment and recreation centre. The later had 2 movie theatres: the Sky and Globe built in the 1960s. Famous landmarks in Kim Seng Road from the 1930s to early 1970s include the Times House, built in the early 1960s. It was demolished in April 2004 and the site was sold to Wheelock Properties previously known as Marco Polo Development, for S$118.8 million. The site is now occupied by a 36-storey high condominium, The Cosmopolitan.

In the 1990s, new developments include Tiara Condominium Apartments, Mirage Tower Apartments and King's Centre at the corner of Havelock Road; and 2 new roads named Kim Seng Walk and Kim Seng Promenade.

The street gained Tan Kim Seng's name when he contributed financially to the building of the thoroughfare. He was known as the founder of the firm of Kim Seng & Co. and was a well-known public benefactor and businessman. The Kim Seng Constituency takes its name after the person.

Variant Names
Chinese name: In Hokkien Hong Hin kio and its Cantonese variant Fung heng lo. which means "Hong Hin Bridge" where Hong Hin refers to the seal of philanthropist Tan Kim Seng.

Vernon Cornelius

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