St. Teresa


St. Teresa's High School at Kampong Bahru Road, before 1976
This is a side view of the double-storey Block B of St. Teresa's High School at 480, Kampong Bahru Road. The school was established in 1935 by Reverend Father Stephen Lee as St. Teresa's Sino English Primary School in a rented bungalow at 514, Kampong Bahru Road. Later, a new school building (Block B) was built next to the Church of St. Teresa. It was officially declared open by Apostolate Delegate Archbishop Leo Kierkles on 28 October 1938. When secondary students enrolled in 1965, the school was renamed "St. Teresa's Sino English School". A new wing (later Block A) was added and completed on 17 March 1971. The school became St. Teresa's High School and was closed down in 1998. Past principals include Reverend Father Stephen Lee (1935); Mr. Tan Kong Teck; Mr. Chee Kah Lok (1945); Madam Lim Chu Suang (1955-1965); Mr. Hsu Tsu Ter (Dec 1966-1978); and Mr. Tay Boon Gim (Jan 1984-1997). Title devised by Library staff.