Private Letters to Lord Minto, 1810˗1811

“Besides 22 letters to Lord Minto there are seven to W. E. Phillips, who became Governor of Penang on the death of Bruce. The letters are dated from 25th November 1810 to 13th May 1811. They are all from Raffles, and all of them are concerned with the expedition to Java. None of the letters is printed in Lady Raffles’ Memoir, or in Boulger’s Life; but there are some published letters of this period that are not in the MS. 1, pp. 1˗9: To Lord Minto. Prince of Wales Island, 25th November 1810. The action of the squadron; the removal of the blockade of Java; Mr. Bruce places a small cutter at Raffles’ disposal. 2, pp. 9˗10: To Lord Minto. Prince of Wales Island, 27 Novr 1810. Raffles has induced a local shipbuilder to take a new ship to Calcutta. 3. pp. 11˗26: To Lord Minto. Malacca, 15th Decr 1810. Raffles arrived at Malacca on 4th November; a brief skech of his proceedings since that date. 4, pp. 27˗35: To W. E. Phillips, Govr of P. W. Island. Malacca 9 Jany 1810 (? 1811). On the death of the Governor (Bruce). Raffles encloses copies of his appointment and instructions. 5, pp. 36˗47: To Lord Minto. Malacca, 24th Jany 1811. Raffles sends his military report, and a report on the same subject by Captain Farquhar. [See also 234, 16] He urges an early start for the expedition. 6, pp. 48˗51: To W. E. Phillips. Malacca, 24 Jany. 1811. Preparations for the expedition to Java. 7, pp. 51˗53: To Lord Minto. Malacca, 24 Jany 1811. Raffles sends Mr. Scott, who has given most satisfactory assistance, to Bengal. He speaks of the incomprehensible conduct of the Penang Government, &c. 8, pp. 53˗55: To Lord Minto. Malacca, 4th Feby 1811. Raffles suggests utilising Dutch interpreters. 9, pp. 56˗75: To Lord Minto. Malacca, 6th February 1811. The importance of an early start; with 10,000 men success is assured; the administration of Justice after capitulation; prize property; paper currency; all judicial and civil officials should be continued in office for a time, and each made answerable for his department, &c. 10, pp. 76˗80: To Lord Minto. Malacca, 6th February 1811. Interpreters and guides. Raffles recommends Mr. Robinson, his ‘most intimate friend’; also Captain Farquhar and Mr. Loftie. [Married Raffles’ sister] 11, pp. 81˗83: To Lord Minto. Malacca, 8th February 1811. Raffles encloses two registers of the Dutch establishments for 1801 and 1808. ‘Marshal Daendels is, as a public character, in every way so superior that it is impossible to foresee the plans he may adopt.’ 12, p. 84: To Lord Minto. Malacca, ˗˗ February 1811. Raffles desires Lieut. Macdonald to return as soon as possible. 13, pp. 85˗86: To Lord Minto. Malacca, 6th February 1811. Raffles entreats Lord Minto to send Dr Leyden. 14, pp. 86˗90: To Lord Minto. Malacca, 10 Feby. 1811. Mr Robinson proceeds to Bengal on the Ariel. Raffles has no hesitation in referring Lord Minto to him on every point. Stores for Malacca; opposition of the Penang government, &c. 15, pp. 91˗96: To W. E. Phillips. Malacca, 12 Febry 1811. 16, p. 97: To Lord Minto. Malacca, 12 Febry 1811. Raffles asks for copies of Captain Farquhar’s map of Java. 17, pp. 98˗99: To (W. E. Phillips). Malacca, 23rd February 1811. News of the capture of the Isle of France; stores for Malacca, &c. 18, p. 99: To Lord Minto. Malacca, 18th February 1811. Raffles’ co-operation with Captain Farquhar; the supply of medicine, &c. Another copy of this letter is in 232, 9.19, pp. 115˗123: To Lord Minto. Malacca, 7th March 1811. The success at Mauritius; Palembang; prize property; the relation of the Dutch Company to the Dutch Government. 20, pp. 124˗126: To Lord Minto. Malacca, 17 March 1811. The reported delay; stores, &c. 21, pp. 127˗128: To W. E. Phillips. Malacca, 12 March 1811. As Captain Farquhar and Mr. Moser will probably proceed with the expedition, their places should be filled. 22, p. 128: To Lord Minto. Malacca, 18th March 1811. Raffles forwards a Dutch proclamation. 23, p. 129: To Lord Minto. Mallacca, 10 February 1811. Raffles sends Captain Farquhar’s memorandum on fortifications. 24, pp. 130˗134: To W.E. Phillips. Malacca, 12th April 1811. On the terms of Raffles’ appointment, Mr. Phillips’ censure of Mr. Chalmers unjustified. Raffles asks for early news of Lord Minto’s arrival at Penang. 25, pp. 135˗140: To Lord Minto. Malacca, 13th April 1811. On Marshal Daendel’s movements, &c. 26, p. 141: To W. E. Phillips. Malacca, 14th April 1811. Raffles sends a letter for Lord Minto. 27, pp. 142˗146: To Lord Minto. Malacca, 30th April 1811. Arrival of the first division; Daendel is encamped inland of Batavia; his disposition and forces, &c. 28, pp. 147˗153: To Lord Minto. Malacca, 6th May 1811. Extract from Captain Greig’s Journal; Marshal Daendel’s disposition and forces; assistance expected by the Dutch from France; death of Mr. McQueen. 29, pp. 153˗154: To Lord Minto. Malacca, 13th May (1811). Lord Minto’s arrival at Penang; the first and second divisions from Bengal are already watered and provisioned”--Provided by the British Library. (British Library shelfmark(s): Mss Eur C35)


Private Letters to Lord Minto, 1810˗1811
Raffles, Thomas Stamford, Sir, 1781-1826--Correspondence
1819-1826 Founding and early years
1810 / 1811
British Library
William and Judith Bollinger
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