Cancerproof your body / Ross Horne

The author describes the origins of not only cancer but of other so-called diseases of civilisation and the natural measures required to avoid and control them. He believes that all cancers result from environmental factors and are therefore 100% preventable. The object of this book is to acquaint the reader with a clear understanding of the following: 1. The easily avoidable processes within the body that lead to cancer. 2. How cancer commences and grows and 3. How, if the proper steps are taken, these processes can be reversed. Topics include: lessons from the Hunzas; maintaining healthy blood and cells; those who get cancer and those who don t; dietary and environmental factors; reversing the cancer process; and dieting for health. It all gets back to proper management of the environment within your body — get this right, and not only can you avoid cancer but at the same time you can ensure you have complete freedom from all the other health problems that cause so much distress in the world today..


Cancerproof your body / Ross Horne
Horne, Ross
Cancer--Nutritional aspects--Popular works
Cancer--Prevention--Popular works
Cancer--Diagnosis--Popular works
Cancer--Diet therapy--Popular works
Healthy lifestyle
Singapore : Toppan, 1996
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