Raffles Collection XI

”This volume contains papers relating to Pontianak, Amboina, Mantawai, Indrapura, Trinidad, the maritime code of the Malays, a charge against Raffles by Dr. Tytler, &c. Raffles Collection XI. This volume contains papers relating to Pontianak, Amboina ,Mantawai, Indrapura, Trinidad, the maritime code of the Malays, a charge against Raffles by Dr. Tytler, &c. 1, pp. 1˗153: Mr Burn’s Letters & Memoirs regarding Pontiane. (a) pp. 1˗30: J. Burn to Thomas Raffles, Esqr. Pontiana, 12th February 1811. ‘... The Raja of Sambas refuses to deliver up the Pirates who cut off the Malacca Brig ... The Ship Commerce has been set fire to by the Raja of Sarawa ... (he) had the Second Mate (Hopkins) put to death in a private manner, but the Crew are sent to Borneo Proper as slaves. ... The People who inhabit the interior of the Island of Borneo ... are called Dyers (Dyaks) .... ‘He goes on to describe briefly their appearance, religion, weapons, head hunting habits, &c., agriculture, &c.; the ruler of Lange (? Lingga); hill tribes; Borneo proper, Sucadana, Mattan, &c.; and then gives at some length ‘the history of the famous Diamond’ belonging to the Raja of Mattan. This diamond is said to weigh 367 carats. [Holograph.] (b) pp. 33˗38: J. Burn to Thomas Raffles, Esqr. Pontiana, 12th March 1811. He has obtained much additional information, which he will transmit in due course. Pirates from Sambas have attacked some Chinese vessels and threaten to attack English vessels also. [Holograph.] (c), pp. 39˗153: These pages appear to contain the additional information promised in (b). This information consists of (i) ‘The foundation & establishment of Pontiana,’ which gives in some detail the history of affairs from the time of the grandfather of the present Sultan. A quarrel with the French, the capture of a French ship and murder of the crew, the coming of the Dutch, &c., are recounted. (ii) Weights and prices of Rice at Pontiana and in the interior, Salt, current coins, payments, duties. (iii) Anecdotes at Pontiana. (iv) ‘The Settlements above Pontiana.’ Payan, Millyow, Lange, Seaddoo? Spane, Billiton, Sentang, Seelat, Seelimboo, Zandaw. Signed T. Burn. 2, pp. 153˗192: Papers & Letters relating to the Moluccas. (a), pp. 155˗170: David Hopkins to Lord (Minto). Amboyna, 20 April 1811. ‘... such particulars as I collected at Banda respecting the claims of the Captors, and the probable value of those Islands to the Honorable Company. The situation to which I have been appointed at Banda, that of Superintendent of Spices. ... Banda was taken by storm on the 9 August 1810. The Captors ... laid claims to all the nutmegs ... even every nutmeg then growing on the trees ... Mr Martin has behaved to me with much polite attention ....’ He describes Banda and discusses the prize claims of the captors in detail and also the strength of garrison required. [Holograph.] (b), pp. 171˗176: Thos S. Raffles to W. B. Martin at Amboyna. Samarang, the 16th Decr 1811. ‘... In a former letter I mentioned to you my wish that the returning Ships should touch at Batavia with Spices. ... His Lordship has applied to you to spare Mr Hopkins ....’ (c), pp. 177˗181: Lord Minto to W. B. Martin. H.M.S. Modeste, 27th October 1811. On the adjustment of rates of exchange. [Copy] (d), pp. 185˗191: Extract Letter from Lord Minto to Mr Martin. [n.d.] The influence of the recent events on the military and civil establishments at Amboina; the spice monopoly; the withdrawal of Mr. Hopkins from Banda and his return to Java. 3 (a), pp. 193˗194: (Raffles) to Lord (Minto). 16 Sept. 1810. He encloses a copy of the Maritime Code of the Malays. (b), pp. 195˗367: On the Malayu Nation with a translation of their Maritime Code. (In a letter to his Cousin dated 14th October 1819, Sir Stamford, writes: ‘While in Bengal in 1810 I read a paper to the Asiatic Society in Calcutta on the ‘Maritime Laws of the Malays.’ This paper the Society has done me the honour to publish in their Transactions....’ [On the Malayan Nation with a translation of its Maritime institutions.’ Asiatic Researches, XII, 102.] See Boulger’s Life of Sir Stamford Raffles, p.30.) 4, pp. 369˗381; Menangkabu Vocabulary. No. 98. 5, pp. 386˗387: English, Malay, Mantawai, Niyas. (Pronouns only.) 6, pp. 389˗462: (? Mr Christie) to the Honble Sir T. S. Raffles. 1824. This is a report on the Mentawei Islands or Pulo Pagai. ‘The estimated latitude of the South Pagai is 3° 17' South.... The latitude of the northernmost end of the North Pagai is 2° 32' South.... The next ... to the northward is ... Good Fortune Island.... Porato the Malays.... The last and northernmost of the Mantawai Islands.... Sai Birut....’ He describes the smaller neighbouring islands; the harbours, &c.; and then gives a general description of the larger islands; the physical aspects; the seasons; soil and vegetation; the principal trees, cultivated plants; animals, names of birds, reptiles and insects, fish; the people and their habits, clothing, tattooing, population (list of villages and number of inhabitants); village economy, houses, food; language; &c. [Incomplete.] See also 238, 8, ‘Account of the Poggies,’ i.e. North and South Pagai Apparently some of this document has been printed. 7, pp. 463˗528: Observations on Article 7 in the 45th number of the Edinburgh Review˗˗professing to be a Review of the Grammar and Dictionary of the Malayan Languages by William Marsden. . .. Signed ‘Jambalus’ and dated Java, 1st January 1815. Another copy of this is given in 239, 5 (q.v.). 8, pp. 531˗543: History of Java. This is given in a slightly different form in 232, 38. The present version is incomplete. 9, pp. 544˗606: Translation into English of the of Malay History of the Raja of Indrapura by Sir T. S. Raffles. [No. 138.] W.M. 1806. The first 19 folios contain rules for government under a raja; the next three folios give some vague information about Malacca, Pahang, Tringano, Patani, Salengor, Kelang, Perak, &c. Then follows ‘The Account of the lcan toda of Indrapura.’ This begins, ‘It is related with respect to the Country of Indrapura, that it was besieged by the Ican toda, or toda fish.’ Eventually a child named ‘Hang Kadim’ suggests a successful plan for defeating the enemy. The hero is rewarded, but, through jealousy, is accused of violating the palace, and is killed.’ 10, pp. 610˗612: R. Tytler to W. Baskett, Esqr. Sepr 9th,1824. ‘... I detest masks and secrecy˗˗hence what I said to Sir S. was sincere.... I thought him a friend, and also a patriot ....’ See No. 12 below. [Holograph.] 11, pp. 614˗627: Correspondence between Sir T. S. Raffles and Major Edward Moor, 14th October 1824 to 3rd August 1825, about Dr. Tytler’s book, ‘Illustrations of ancient Geography & History, referring to the Sites or Ophir, Sheba.…’ Raffles consents to the proposed dedication to him. The book was published in 1825. 12, pp. 628˗632: (Dr. Tytler) to the Right Honble George Canning. Calcutta, 3rd January 1825. This is an outcry against the treaty between Great Britain and Holland, and the transfer of Bencoolen. The writer alleges that ‘Sir Stamford Raffles did ... act with great duplicity to those cunder his Government, and blinded the unfortunate inhabitants of Bencoolen ... that no suspicion of the Treaty’s existence was present till the ratification was announced .... The principal features of Sir Stamford’s administration exhibit one continued scene of misrule and misdirection. …He altered the Liturgy of the Church of England, to suit the notions of the Baptist Missionaries.... Sir Stamford Raffles should be brought to answer for his conduct at the Bar of the house of Commons ....’ [Copy.] 13, pp 634˗640: Paper on proposed intercourse between Trinidad and Bengal. [n d.] W.M. 1800. This refers to Chinese settlers at Prince of Wales Island going to Trinidad, and ‘to prepare the way for carrying this measure into execution. ... Mr Macqueen [See 244,28] … has in consequence been selected for this Service.’ The writer goes on to suggest that this is an opportunity for opening trade between India and South America, with Trinidad as a depôt, &c."--Provided by the British Library. (British Library shelfmark(s): Mss Eur E109)


Raffles Collection XI
Raffles, Thomas Stamford, Sir, 1781-1826--Correspondence
1819-1826 Founding and early years
1800 / 1825
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