A voyage in the 'Sunbeam', our home on the ocean for eleven months

This is the author's personal narrative of her voyage with her friends, children and crew from England to different parts of the world, including Singapore. She provides details of the places that they visited, the activities that they did during the journey as well as the customs and practices of the people that they met.


A voyage in the 'Sunbeam', our home on the ocean for eleven months
Brassey, Annie, 1839-1887
Voyages around the world
Geographical areas and countries
Longmans, Green, 1878
Pearson, G.
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Table of Contents
ch I. Farewell to Old England
ch. II. Madeira, Teneriffe, and Cape de Verde Islands
ch. III. Palma to Rio de Janeiro
ch. IV. Rio de Janeiro
ch. V. The River Plate
ch. VI. Life on the Pampas
ch. VII. More about the Argentine Republic
ch. VIII. River Plate to Sandy Point, Straits of Magellan
ch. IX. Sandy Point to Lota Bay
ch. X. Chili
ch. XI. Santiago and Valparaiso
ch. XII. Valparaiso to Tahiti
ch. XIII. The South Seas islands
ch. XIV. At Tahiti
ch. XV. Tahiti to Sandwich Islands, Kilauea by day and by night
ch. XVI. Hawaiian sports
ch. XVII. Honolulu. Departure for Japan
ch. XVIII. Honolulu to Yokohama
ch. XIX. Yokohama
ch. XX. Kioto, late Miaco
ch. XXI. The inland sea
ch. XXII. To Canton up the Pearl River
ch. XXIII. From Macao to Singapore
ch. XXIV. Singapore
ch. XXV. Ceylon
XXVI. To Aden
XXVII. Via Suez Canal
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