Raffles Collection V

“Miscellaneous letters to and from divers authorities at Macasser (Celebes), Java and Madura, from June to September 1814, with the relative financial statements. All the documents in this volume, except the first and last, are connected with a committee, appointed in July 1814, to adjust unsettled accounts in the Eastern District of Java. Reports from this committee, on Cheribon, Tegal, Pekalongan, Semarang, Surakarta, Jokyakarta, Besuki, Banyawangi, Sumanep, and Gresik, occupy the greater part of the volume. All the documents, except the last, pertain to 1814.p. 1: Title. pp. 3˗4: List of contents. 1, pp. 7˗18: Major General M. Nightingall to the Honble T. S. Raffles. Fort Rotterdam (Celebes), 21st June 1814. 3 E’My public Dispatches will explain to you very fully all that has occurred since my arrival here ... it was quite impossible to avoid the Rupture which has taken place with the Rajah of Boni.... The Bongese Town has been destroyed.... The new Town, I have named (in compliment to my friend the Resident) Phillipstown.... I shall merely advert to a point not noticed in them (the dispatches), I mean the idea of introducing any part of our Judicial or Revenue System ... at present it would throw all this part of the Country into a flame. . .. I expect to receive an answer from the Boni People in a few days and if they agree to the election of another Rajah … I shall embark ...about the 28th Instant and proceed to Somanap from whence I shall commence by land my military Tour of Java ....’ [Autograph.] 2, pp. 19˗25: (Raffles) to I. G. Bower (Bauer), Esqre, Accountant General and G. A. Addison, Esqre, Deputy Secy… Buitenzorg, 1st July 1814. No signature. This official letter gives instructions to Messrs. Bauer and Addison, deputed to investigate and adjust unsettled accounts in the eastern districts of Java, preparatory to the introduction of the new Revenue and Judicial Regulations on 1st August 1814. The instructions relate to˗˗The settlement of arrears; the state of the revenue settlement of each district; the state of public institutions at Semarang and Surabaya; Salt monopoly; the establishment of the Letter Post (Mr. Ainslie, the new Postmaster-General, to accompany them); Carimon Java; the Police at Semarang and Surabaya; &c. 3, pp. 27˗32: Thos. S. Raffles to (? Mr Bauer). Buitenzorg,1st July 1814. ‘The object of your proceeding to the Eastern Districts is to examine into the accounts of the different Residencies, to adjust all unsettled accounts with the Regents and others, and generally to make yourself acquainted with the principles of the New Revenue System, and the actual Revenues derivable under it.... Mr Addison... has been joined with you in a Commission....Mr Addison will have separate instructions from me ....The principles of an entire new System of Political Economy have been introduced throughout Java since the Establishment of the British Government.... I may perhaps from being the founder of the new System ... have been led to judge too favourably of what I consider in some measure a Child of my own. [See Substance of a Minute… 11th February 1814. London, 1814.] I shall be happy to stand corrected by your more just Estimate....’ The official instructions given in the previous document are summarised, and ‘Fixing the Establishments to take effect from the 1st of August’ is to be one their principal duties .... 4, pp. 35˗333: These pages contain 11 separate reports by Messrs. Bauer and Addison. One of these (x) is a general report, the others being local. The reports are generally given in the same form, dealing with the specific points of the instructions. Statistical tables are added for each district, under the heads˗˗General Administration (expenditure). Abstract estimate of receipts and disbursements. Native Chiefs who receive land and money. ...Pensions to Europeans. The reports are in the form of letters to the Lieutenant-Governor. Only one of them is signed, but they are all copies. (i) pp. 35˗57: Report on Cheribon. 14th July 1814. (ii) pp. 59˗87: Report on Tagal. 16th July 1814. (iii) pp. 89˗118: Report on Paccalongan. 9th August 1814. (iv) pp. 119˗199: (a) Samarang. General Report. 14th August 1814. (b) Samarang. Report on the Institutions. 15th August 1814. The former deals with ‘the fixed and ordinary details of the Residency,’ and the latter (b) with ‘the Public lnstitutions established in the Town,’ e.g. the European Orphan Chambers which administer the estates of Europeans dying intestate and other estates confided to the institution. The Native Orphan Chamber; the Church, &c. (v) pp. 201˗218: Report on Souracarta. 29th July 1814. (vi) pp. 219˗244: Report on Djojocarta. 6th August 1814. (vii) pp. 245˗261: (a) Report on the offer to restore to the late holder of the Estate of Besuki.... [See Blagden’s Cat. Mack. MSS., Pr.35, 18, and 82, 33 (a) (h).] 29th August 1814. Enclosure: ’I do declare that I Han Tjan Pit, late Proprietor of Bisuki and Panaroekan, did of my own free will transfer to the British Government the Estates of Bisuki and Panaroekan for the sum of 400,000 Spanish Dollars ....’ (b) (A further report) dated Sourabaya, 3rd September 1814. This gives in detail the conditions of the contract with Han Chan Pit, and the proposed arrangement with his creditors. (viii) pp. 263˗278: Report on Banyowangie. 24th September 1814. (ix) pp. 279˗290: Report on Sumanap. 26th September 1814. (x) pp. 291˗309: Extract of a Report ... from the Accountant-General and Deputy Secretary [Messrs, Bauer and Addison] ... deputed to investigate and to adjust unsettled accounts in the Eastern Districts of Java, dated Sourabaya, 27th September 1814. No signature. This is almost wholly concerned with reducetions of establishments. ‘Our first and principal attention was disected agreeably to your repeated and particular instructions to the reductions by every practicable means of the expenses of Civil Establishment ... the slightest diminution beyond what has already been effected would be attended with positive detriment.... In short in every Department we have endeavoured to the utmost to reduce the scale of Expenditure ....’ (xi) pp. 311˗333: Report on Gressie (Gresik). – September 1814. 5, pp. 335˗337: The Resident at Cheribon to Charles Assey Esq., Secy to Govt. 17 Novr 1815. The mail coach has been attacked by tigers"--Provided by teh British Library. (British Library shelfmark(s): Mss Eur E107)


Raffles Collection V
Raffles, Thomas Stamford, Sir, 1781-1826--Correspondence
1819-1826 Founding and early years
1814 / 1815
British Library
William and Judith Bollinger
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