Raffles Collection II

“Papers relating to the Java expedition and a report on Pachitan by J. Crawfurd occupy the greater part of this volume. 1, pp. 1˗24: Memo proposing the Capture of Java from the French in 1810 by Mr Raffles. No. 226. (W. M. 1809). This deals with the following topics: Decline of the Dutch power in the East; the greater part of Java still independent; but Marshal Daendels has partially restored authority, by reforms of abuses and curruption, and by strengthening the army; removal of capital to Semarang proposed; reign of terror under Daendels causes discontent; monopoly of rice the chief source of power; reputation of the British resources of Java. 2, pp. 25˗29 : (W. M. 1607.) This begins, ‘Having thus stated to your Lordship the foregoing observations on specific topics connected with the acquisition of Java ... I shall now briefly advert to some more general views ... it will be of the most importance to ascertain from the original Dutch records how far their territorial cessions and exclusive privileges do actually extend …. I conceive they might easily be prevailed upon by suggestions to invest the Governor-General of India with the ancient title of Bitara equivalent to Lord Protector …which would not I conceive be reckoned injurious to the dignity of any modern chieftain….’ [Extract.] 3, pp. 33˗112: Memoir on the value, political & financial, of the Dutch, possessions in the East, & as to the mode of administration in the case of being annexed to the British power. No. 231 (W. M. 1809). The main topics are: Effect of the situation in Europe; general advantages of the acquisition of Java, &c.; the dependence of the native chiefs on a superior authority; the exclusive policy of the Dutch; suppression of the smaller states necessary; Dutch monopolies; fixed export prices by the Dutch; American buyers; monopoly of spices; evils that would arise from allowing trade without restrictions; opening up of commerce through eastern ports; high duties at Penang; limitation of trade; Calcutta should not be a rival; foreign traders to be included in regulations; the Chinese to be restricted; Penang, or Malacca, or Rhio as the entrepôt duties; farming collection; the Captain China; commerce and politics; the policy of continuing for a time the present Regulations; employment of Dutch inhabitants; administration of justice. (See also 234, 15.) 4, pp. 113˗116: Estimate of the value of Exports from the Eastern Archipelago to India in the year 1819. Two copies, dated 20th December 1819. 5, pp. 119˗120: Proclamation. After preamble, ‘Inconsequence of the glorious and decisive Victory obtained by the British Army, under the Command of His Excellency Lieutt General Sir Samuel Auchmuty .... at Meestet Cornelis... the 29th August 1811. ...’ 6, pp. 121˗128: (Raffles) to the Governor- General. Malacca,21 Jany 1811. This relates to Banjermasin, its trade, &c. 7, pp. 129˗166: (1) History of the Indian Archipelago, by Mr Crawfurd, F.R.S., late British Resident at the Court of the Sultan of Java … 1820. (2) Proceedings of the Agricultural Society established in Sumatra, 1820. Vol. 1. Bencoolen... 1821. (3) Malayan Miscellanies. Vol.1. Bencoolen.... 1820. Begins: ‘The works which we have selected for the head of the present Article ....’ The review is not very favourable to Crawfurd’s History. There is no signature, and no date. 8, pp. 169˗228: Report upon the District of Pachitan (W.M. 1808)… This is neither dated nor signed, but a document in the appendix is dated 25th August 1812 and is attested by J. Crawfurd. The report has the following ‘side headings’: General description of the country; Agriculture; Mountain rice; Castor oil plant; Tobacco; Indigo; Black pepper; Rice; Population; Nature of landed tenures, and administrstion of the land rent ; Average of the land tax; Analysis of a village; Bukul; Kubayan; , Kahúm; Cultivators; Division of the lands; Chachah; Júng; Settlement of Pachitan; Police and Administration of Justice; Character of the people; Books; Evidence ; Retaliation; Punishment; Courts of Justice and Police; Police of Pachitan ; Commerce; Description of the Bay and Valley; Salt; Teak wood; Mineral coal (called Ambar by the Javanese); Conclusion. Appendix. No. 1, Translation of a Nawolo or Peijagam (dated 25th August 1812 and certified by J. Crawfurd); No. 2, Land measure; No. 3, Long measure; No. 4, Corn measure; No. 5, Table of the price of Provisions at Pachitan. Postscript (a record bed of coals ... ). Explanations of the References. See Blagden’s Cat. Mackenzie Coll., Pr. 21, 5, where a copy of this report is described. This copy contains, what ours lacks, a table of contents, according to which the report was written by J. Crawfurd in 1812 or 1813"--Provided by the British Library. (British Library shelfmark(s): Mss Eur E104)


Raffles Collection II
Raffles, Thomas Stamford, Sir, 1781-1826--Correspondence
1819-1826 Founding and early years
1810 / 1822
British Library
William and Judith Bollinger
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