Sejarah Melayu

In Malay in Jawi script. Sejarah Melayu or Sulālat al-salāṭin, also called here Hikayat Melayu. A copy of the ‘long’ version, ending with the defeat of Johor by Jambi. Copied in Singapore on 16 Rejab (no year given), by Husain bin Ismail of Tanah Merah from a MS owned by a person of Melaka. Annotated on f.1r: ‘Sa Jarha Malayu, or Code of Malay Law, copied from a Manuscript lent me by Count von Ranzow who had it from His Highness Abdoolrachman Shah, Sultan of Linga. F.J.D.’. Lodewijk Carel, Graaf von Ranzow, was Resident in Riouw 1822-1826; Sultan Abdul Rahman Syah reigned in Lingga from 1812-1832; Husain bin Ismail was one of the most prolific Malay scribes (cf. Tol 2000); the identity of F.J.D. is unknown.At the end of the first quire, on f.10v, are stuck two printed paper labels: ‘Malay. Sa Jarha Malaya, copied from a MS. lent me by Count Von Ranzow, who had it from his Highness Abdoolrachman Shah, Sultan of Linga – F.J.D. – 27 fasciculj’, and a library label: ‘Collegio / Sancti Davidis, / apud llanbedr in comitatu ceretico, / d.d.d. / Thomas Phillips, / de Brunswick Square apud Londinenses, armiger. / 1842’, with ‘MS 33’ in pencil and ‘31092’ written in ballpoint pen. From the old staining, this page evidently functioned as the original cover of the MS at St. David’s.Colophon: ‘Tamatlah kisah Hikayat Melayu ini kepada tujuh likur enam belas hari bulan Rejab dalam negeri Singapura yaum al-Sabtu jam pukul sebelas maka ada pun surat ini di salin daripada surat yang ada kepada orang Melaka yang menyuratnya Enci’ Husain bi[n] [I]smail yang ada terhenti di Tanah Merah itulah adanya.’


Sejarah Melayu
Closing Words
تمتله قيصه حكاية ملايو اين كڤد توجوه ليكور انم بلس هاري بولن رجب دالم نڬري سيڠاڤورا يوم السبتو جم ڤوكول سبلس مك اد ڤون سورت اين د سالين درڤد سورت يڠ اد كڤد اورڠ ملاك يڠ مڽوراتڽ انچي' حسين بن اسماعيل يڠ اد ترهنتي د تانه ميره ايتله اداڽ.
Melaka (Sultanate)--History
Film history
Manuscript Date
1832 / 1842
British Library
William and Judith Bollinger
Digital Description
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Acquired from the University of Wales, Lampeter, 2006. Given by Thomas Phillips (1760-1851) to St. David’s College, Lampeter in 1842.
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