Raffles Collection III

“A letter to Lord Minto and a rough draft of a report on the 'Eastward’ fill half this volume. Many of the other documents may be described as routine, and are connected principally with the expedition to Java. 1, p. 1: Den Brigadier, en Chef van de Generale Staf Ridder G. H. von Gutzlaff aan de Kommandeerende Officier van ZyneBritanische Majesteit Schip in zigt. Batavia den 4rHerfstmaand (Sept.) 1810. [? Holograph.] A sum of money is said to be due to the Dutch. 2, pp. 5˗7: De Brigadier, chef der Generale Staf (deKock) ... aan Kapitein ter Zee Harris ... zijne BritischMajesteit frigat the Drake. der6 van Herfstmaand 1810. He is directed by Marshal Daendels to ask for information about certain ships from Amboina, as Governor Cranssen still awaits the greater part of his goods; for tidings of General? Buijskes from the Bermudas; and for news of the conquest of Banda, &c. [? Autograph.] 3, pp. 9˗10: Captain Wm Farquhar to W. A. Clubley, Esqr, Acting Secty to Government, Prince of Wales Island. Malacca, 8 Augt 1810. ‘... respecting the Swiss Officer, Hochonnot... having obtained from him during his Residence here, some information ... respecting the present Force, & Resources of the Dutch on the Island of Java, I have herewith the honor to transmit a Copy thereof ....’ [Copy.] 4, p. 13: F. Lynch to Thomas Raffles. 17h Jan. 1811. ‘I have pleasure of sending the information I furnished Mr Farquhar when in England. Admiral Drury has also a copy of the same ....’ [Holograph.] 5, pp. 15˗38: Amended Sketch of Instructions. [Sent to Lord Minto, 13th Oct. 1810.] This is probably a draft made by Raffles, of a letter to be issued to him. It begins: ‘An application having been made to the Government of Prince of Wales Island, that you may be permitted to proceed to the Eastward for purposes connected with the operations which are in contemplation ....’ 6-13, pp. 39˗80: Routine correspondence between Thomas Raffles and the Secretary to Government, Fort William (B. Edmonstone). There are seven letters dating from 31st December 1810 to 21st March 1811. The topics are: arms and ammunition; Raffles’ arrival at Malacca; his appointment as ‘Secretary to the Governor General’; Lord Minto’s intention of proceeding to Malacca; Captain MʻDonald of the Ariel placed under Raffles’ orders; disbursements made by Raffles; his salary. The letters from B. Edmonstone are autographs. 14, pp. 81˗124: (Thomas Raffles) to the Right Honorable Gilbert, Lord Minto, Governor-General, &c. (? 1811). Incomplete draft (the last three paragraphs missing). Letters to the Java Chiefs; Mr. Greig’s report; Marshal Daendels’ preparations; the conduct of our troops, &c. Printed in Lady Raffles’ Memoir, pp. 30˗39.15, pp. 125˗276: Draft of a Report on the Eastward (not given in) Malacca, May. (W.M. 1808 and earlier.) This is a rough draft of 233, 3.16, pp. 277˗288: Notes on the Mil. & Secret information relative to the Dutch force in Java in 1811. ‘This Statement you have drawn up with so much precision and ability ... accords in all the principal and leading points with the best information I have had it in my power to obtain on these subjects.’ Then follow notes on the following places: Merak Bay, Batavia, Jakarta, Cheribon, Tegal, Semarang, Japara, Rembang, Gresik, Surabaya, Pasuran, Madura. In conclusion, ‘Having enumerated all the Forts of any consequence on the Northern and Eastern Coasts of Java I have only to remark that so far as I am enabled to judge at present none are in any way calculated to withstand the attack of well appointed Force or to impede the progress of an Invading Army, in subjugating the Country.’ The document has been re-edited by pencil notes (in? the handwriting of Raffles). For example, the words between asterisks are made to read ‘it may in conclusion be only necessary to remark that as far as Captain Farquhar or I am enabled to judge.’ The document is thus probably the same as that sent to Lord Minto on 24th January 1811. See 244, 5. 17, pp. 289˗292: ‘As emptying the Public Treasury and Godowns is so frequent a Trick while Surrender is negociating. ... It might be well to notify by Proclamation on landing that ....’ 18, pp. 293˗298: General Janssen's Proclamation previous to the landing of the British Army in Java. Dated 2 August 1811. A translation. 19, pp. 299˗301: Proclamation. A draft for a proclamation on the fall of Meester Cornelis. Dated 26th August 1811. This is not the same as 233, 5.20, pp. 303˗306: Draft of a circular letter. Begins ‘The enclosed Proclamation will inform you of the fall of Meester Cornelis....’ 21, pp. 307˗318: Proclamation. Draft without date. It was issued on 11th September 1811, and is printed in Lady Raffles’ Memoir, pp. 103˗104.22, p. 319: (Major) W. Robison to Lord (Minto). Samarang, 17th Sept. 1811. ‘... a cessation of hostilities has taken place for 24 hours at the request of Janssens, to give him time to send in proposals for capitulating ...’ [Holograph] 23, pp. 321˗332: Colonel Rob. Rollo Gillespie to Honble Mr Raffles, 16th (September 1811). ‘Mr Couperus is returned and gives the most favorable report of the tranquil state of he Country towards Cheribon.... The officers of these Corps will not give themselves the trouble to explain to their men that the present system is to establish a mutual good feeling & fellowship. ... I was obliged this morg to make an example of two men in the Bazar for ill treating and wronging the Native.... If strict orders are not issued on these Points I fear a rancour may be established, that will not be readily done away. As for Mr Vickens, with submission I believe that he is much better at Batavia than here ... (he) is by all accounts a Man of Intrigue .... I send you a letter enclosed from Governor Jansens to Mr Vickens.’ [Holograph.] A copy of, the letter from J. W. Janssens to Landdrost Veeckens is given in Dutch and another copy of it in French. The latter is printed in Lady Raffles’ Memoir, p.96.24, pp. 333˗340: Letter to Lord Minto, 12th Jany 1812. A draft by Raffles, who recounts the measures he has taken since the departure of Lord Minto on 19th October 1811. He also deals with estimates of revenue, Palembang, Judicial, Journey to the Eastward, Commission to Macassar, &c. Enclosed reports are mentioned. It is not clear whether this document contains one, two or three letters. A second date is inserted, ‘30 Jany 1812,’ in connection with the ‘Journey to the Eastward.’ ‘I left Batavia on the 28 Nov. and landed at Samarang after a tedious passage on the 4th Decr from thence I visited Sourabaya and Madura and on my return the Courts, and reached Buitenzorg on the 1 January….’ 25, pp. 341˗342: Draft of Bond relative to the ship Claudine proceeding to England. 26, p.343: J. Crawfurd Resident Djojocarta to the HonbleThomas S. Raffles. 22d January 1812. ‘The Kayè DèpatìDano Rejio took the oath of allegiance….’ [Autograph]"--Provided by the British Library. (British Library shelfmark(s): Mss Eur E105)


Raffles Collection III
Raffles, Thomas Stamford, Sir, 1781-1826--Correspondence
1819-1826 Founding and early years
1810 / 1812
British Library
William and Judith Bollinger
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