A tour in Southern Asia : (Indo-China, Malaya, Java Sumatra, and Ceylon, 1925-1926)

This book provides a descriptive account of the author's journey, sailing from the French port of Marseilles to the port of Saigon in Indo-China. Included is a record of his impressions of each port of call, as well as an account of the historical, political and social conditions of the inhabitants and places such as Indo-China, Singapore, Malaya, Sumatra, Java, and Ceylon.


A tour in Southern Asia : (Indo-China, Malaya, Java Sumatra, and Ceylon, 1925-1926)
Bleackley, Horace, 1868-1931
Southeast Asia--Description and travel
Malay Archipelago--Description and travel
Indochina--Description and travel
Geographical areas and countries
Malay archipelago
J. Lane, 1928
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Table of Contents
ch. I. The Andre-Lebon
ch. II. Les enfants, and other things
ch. III. "Paris in the jungle"
ch. IV. The People of Saigon
ch. V. Comedy and Tragedy
ch. VI. L'affaire bardez
ch. VII. Vers Angkor
ch. VIII. The Parc of Angkor
ch. IX. The Khmers of Angkor
ch. X. Down the Mekong
ch. XI. Education
ch. XII. Last days in Saigon
ch. XIII. Singapore
ch. XIV. Some of the people of Singapore
ch. XV. The Singapore Mutiny
ch. VI. More about Singapore
ch. VII. The island of Palms
ch. VIII. Tin
ch. XIX. Rubber
ch. XX. Malayan Affairs
ch. XXI. A voyage to Java
ch. XXII. Central Java
ch. XXIII. Batavia and the West
ch. XXIV. A glimpse of Sumatra
XXV. Westward bound
XXVI. "Where every prospect pleases ..."
ch. XXVII. Colombo
ch. XXVIII. Back to England
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