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Conceptual still life photography (Covid-19) series: we have one shot

"Hi! I'm Priscilla, a visual artist in Singapore whose photography has generally focused on travel, adventure, and architecture over the last decade or so. When leisure travel came to a complete standstill, I was creatively stifled and it took a toll on my mental health. I began to explore a different genre altogether, initiating a new outlet to channel my obsessive need to create images, starting with objects I found at home. That’s when I realised that the possibilities are endless. The lockdown also helped shape my mind about the whole idea of minimalism and what it means to be ‘more with less’; to manage with what’s available, and to find enjoyment in the little things. It was during the process of decluttering, when I came across everyday items that I could manipulate and conceptualise to give a new meaning, with the aim of provoking a reflective thought or injecting a smile. I started developing a sense of giving my attention to ordinary things and finding beauty in them. Through my art work, I’m hoping to inject a little bit of humour and colours in this otherwise challenging era of our lifetime. I’ve always been drawn to photographs that convey a simple yet powerful message in a creative manner. In this Conceptual Still Life Photography (Covid-19) Series, I hope to capture images that reflect our memories during this time."--Contributed by Priscilla Ong, as part of the "Documenting COVID-19 in Singapore" collection community call. This photograph shows a plastic oral syringe with colourful confetti coming out of it. Additional description by Library staff. Title devised by Library staff.

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All rights reserved. Priscilla Ong, 2021


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