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Group portrait of British colonial officials at the signing of the Pangkok Treaty, 1874

This photograph shows a group portrait of British colonial officials at the signing of the historic Pangkor Treaty of 1874. The treaty between the British and Perak led to the formation of the British Federated Malay States (FMS) and to the appointment of the first British resident in Malaya. The men are standing in front of a traditional Malay dwelling with raised verandah and attap roof, except for one of them who is seated. At the bottom of the photograph is a small typewritten note describing the identity of the officials. It reads, "The Treaty of Pangkor----20th, June, 1874. This treaty was signed at Pangkor, off the Dindings, on 20th June, 1874. Under it the Federated Malay States came into being. The credit for this important step in the history of the Malay Peninsula is largely due to the governor of the time: Sir Andrew Clarke. The photo shows Sir Andrew Clarke, J.W.W. Birch, Resident of Perak (murdered a year later), F.A. Swettenham (afterwards governor), Major MC Callum, Captain Innes (afterwards killed in The Perak War), Captain Speedy, &c. at the signing of the treaty." The signatures of the officials are slightly legible at the bottom of the photograph. Description by Library staff. Title devised by Library staff.

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