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  • Oxen and their handlers : general view

    Transportation · Nature and Environment · Lee Kip Lin Collection
    This 1890s photograph shows oxen in Banjoewangi (now Banyuwangi), with their handlers who are dressed in traditional ethnic attire. The oxen appear to be pulling a heavy load. A man in Western style attire can be seen on the left side of the photograph. Title devised by Library staff. Date...
    Reproduction Available
  • Three people with horse and miniature pony : group photograph

    Transportation · Personalities · Heritage and Culture · Lee Kip Lin Collection
    This photograph shows a man and two ladies, posing with a miniature pony and a bicycle. Two of them are dressed in Western-style attire, while one of them is in traditional ethnic attire. The man and one of the ladies are seated on a low wall, with another lady seated...
    Reproduction Available
  • Boats on a river in Thailand, postcard : front

    Streets and Places · Transportation
    The image shows a junk and other boats in a river in Thailand. A group of children, dressed in traditional ethnic attire, stands in a row, in front of the palace. Houses and forestation along the river can be seen at a distance in the middle of the image. The...