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  • "Performance" sculpture : general view

    Arts · Poon, Anthony, 1945-2006
  • Surprised II, sculpture : general view

    Arts · Ng, Eng Teng, 1934-2001
    Surprised II is representative of Ng Eng Teng’s fascination with the flesh which borders on the obsessive. This aspect of Ng’s oeuvre is nevertheless not to be ignored as it contributes to the full spectrum of Ng’s relationship with the human figure as expressed in his art. This work (stoneware,...
  • Cheers

    Arts · Poon, Anthony, 1945-2006
    This is a photograph of a wall relief by Anthony Poon. It is significant of Poon’s last phase before his passing on. It shows his interest in texture, as well as colour, on top of the interaction between planes and space through ribbon-like structures. Physical dimensions of original: 4920 x...
  • Sculpture named "Hunger" : general view

    Arts · Wee, Beng-Chong, 1938-
    A free-standing sculpture, Hunger reflects artist Wee Beng Chong’s interest in depicting physical and psychological states of being through the vocabulary of modern sculpture. The skeletal structure of the figure is revealed evidently and effectively through Wee’s emphasis on creating visual depth on its surface. The work evokes pathos by...
  • Trengganu, sculpture : general view

    Arts · Iskandar Jalil, 1940-
    This photograph shows a piece of sculpture resembling a boat which pays tribute to the famous boat-making history of Trengganu and the unmistakable design of the bangau which are elaborately carved wooden boats. Trengganu is a body of work that is more sculptural than functional unlike bowls or plates. It...
  • Men in colours : general view

    Arts · Chng, Seok Tin
    This is a photograph of an art installation by Chng Seok Tin. A theme that emerged in the 1990s is the human condition, where Chng questions the greed of man, the race for money, fame and power. This installation, of 100 figures in variously different poses, some climbing, resting, struggling,...
  • Singapore girl, sculpture, 1961 : general view

    Arts · Ng, Eng Teng, 1934-2001
    This photograph shows an example of Ng’s earliest attempts at the three-dimensional artwork. Singapore Girl shows him under the initial influence of classical European sculpture. Ng focuses here on the drapery and the contrapposto of the figure, prior to his subsequent stylised handling of the human figure. Physical dimensions of...
  • Mother and child, sculpture : general view

    Arts · Ng, Eng Teng, 1934-2001
    This is a photograph of Ng Eng Teng's sculpture entitled "Mother and Child". A leitmotif in Ng’s work, the theme of mother and child is interpreted here in one of Singapore’s most well-known examples of public sculpture. It is representative of Ng’s use of ciment fondu. Title devised by Library...
  • Pot sculpture : general view

    Arts · Ng, Eng Teng, 1934-2001
    This Pot-Sculpture is an example of Ng’s constant capacity for humour in his work. Apart from its whimsicality, it reflects Ng’s fusion of the functional with beauty, as well as his training in ceramics and studio pottery. This work (stoneware, partly chun glazed)is part of the National University of Singapore...
  • Unglazed bowls, pottery : general view

    Arts · Iskandar Jalil, 1940-
    This is a photograph of six unglazed bowls made by Iskandar Jalil who has frequently expounded on the deceptive simplicity of the cawan (bowl), which he has described as "the most challenging of forms", for the way it reveals the strength (or weakness) of a master-potter. This cluster of cawan...
  • Pottery work "Spherical teapot & twig" : close-up

    Arts · Iskandar Jalil, 1940-
    This is a photograph of a tea pot made by Iskandar Jalil. It has the distinctive kendi-inspired spout and bears the trademark ‘Iskandar Blue’. The colour was inspired by Iskandar’s trip to Scandinavia where the visual and sensory resonance of the open sky is conveyed through a single colour. The...
  • Sunset vanishing white birds : a monumental tower

    Arts · Chng, Seok Tin
    This photograph depicts an artwork which is a poignant tribute to Samsui women – Chinese female workers who came to Singapore between the early 19th and mid-20th century. The sculptor Chng Seok Tin captured the handprints of a few surviving Samsui women by casting them in cement – a material...