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  • A man climbing a coconut tree

    Nature and Environment
    This photographs show the rear view of an Indian man who is perched on a coconut tree trunk with a trap strapped to his back. On the open field below, several spectators including children are looking up at him. Rows of chairs are arranged on the left of the field...
  • Three servicemen posing with their vintage car [2]

    Transportation · Streets and Places · Nature and Environment
    This photograph shows three servicemen on their way to Port Dickson posing with their transport on the side of an isolated road. The photograph captures the front view of the car, which is a vintage model with plate number BB3577 and no or retracted hood. On the right side of...
  • Men at a cafe among coconut trees [1]

    Nature and Environment
    This photograph shows three men in front of a cafe situated among rows of coconut trees. Two are wearing shirts and long pants while another is in shirt and a knee-length shorts. In the foreground, there is a table with refreshments, while in the background, two cars are parked nearby....