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  • Iskandar Jalil : half-length portrait

    Personalities · Arts · Foo, Eric Chee Meng
    This is a half-length photograph of Iskandar Jalil (b. 1940, Singapore -). He is a highly-regarded local ceramist who uses fine clay to develop bowls and pots into art works, integrating Japanese and Islamic styles. He was awarded two Colombo Plan scholarships, to study textiles in India (1962) and ceramic...
  • Mitravam (Friendship), tile mural : general view

    Arts · Iskandar Jalil, 1940-
    This is a photograph of a tile mural entitled "Mitravam" (Sanskrit for "friendship"). For this piece, Iskandar Jalil used the symbol and metaphor of the lock and key to suggest that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) through its diplomatic work, has unlocked many doors for Singapore. He researched and...
  • Ceramic containers : close-up

    Arts · Heritage and Culture · Pang, Gerald
    Shown in this photograph are some ceramic containers, probably used for lighting oil lamps, for sale, displayed outside a shop in Little India. Title devised by Library staff.
  • Unglazed bowls, pottery : general view

    Arts · Iskandar Jalil, 1940-
    This is a photograph of six unglazed bowls made by Iskandar Jalil who has frequently expounded on the deceptive simplicity of the cawan (bowl), which he has described as "the most challenging of forms", for the way it reveals the strength (or weakness) of a master-potter. This cluster of cawan...
  • Lotus pods pottery : general view

    Arts · Iskandar Jalil, 1940-
    This photograph shows a cluster of pieces of pottery resembling lotus pods. These were inspired by the shape of lotus pods found in lotus ponds of Southeast Asia and Iskandar Jalil's observations at a ceramics factory in Surabaya. Iskandar Jalil usually recorded his extensive travel experiences in visual diaries and...
  • Pottery work "Spherical teapot & twig" : close-up

    Arts · Iskandar Jalil, 1940-
    This is a photograph of a tea pot made by Iskandar Jalil. It has the distinctive kendi-inspired spout and bears the trademark ‘Iskandar Blue’. The colour was inspired by Iskandar’s trip to Scandinavia where the visual and sensory resonance of the open sky is conveyed through a single colour. The...
  • Clay moulding : close-up

    Personalities · Arts · Kouo, Shang-Wei, 1924-1988 · Kouo Shang-Wei Collection 郭尚慰珍藏 {44860}
    The photograph shows a close-up of a potter's hands moulding clay into the shape of a flower pot, and a potter's wheel. Title devised by Library staff. Date of creation estimated.