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  • Head of Ah Beng

    Arts · Personalities · Yeo, Thomas, 1936-
    The Head of Ah Beng is part of a series of ‘portraits’ dealing with social and cultural aspects of society. These are abstracted images of real and imaginary people. Ah Beng represents the artist’s interpretation of a Singaporean character that projects his identity through dress and behaviour – preoccupation with...
  • Variations on I-Ching

    Arts · Chng, Seok Tin
    Chng’s art and imagery often reflect her Asian roots. In the early 1980s, she became interested in the I-Ching (Book of Changes) – an ancient Chinese text that centers on the law of Yin and Yang, the idea of evolution of events and the acceptance of change – as a...
  • Aqueous waves

    Arts · Poon, Anthony, 1945-2006
    An acrylic painting on canvas, Aqueous Waves represents the transition in Poon’s work from a visual vocabulary made up of purely geometric forms to one of curved lines – subsequently referred to as “waves”. The emphasis on both chromatic harmony and the savant distribution of shapes and forms is distinctive...
  • Inverted Y

    Arts · Poon, Anthony, 1945-2006
    Inverted Y is representative of Poon’s early practice during the period of training in the United Kingdom and the early 1970s when he first returned to Singapore. The use of shaped canvases on which Poon explores the relations between shades of the same colour and geometric forms through balance and...
  • Winter landscape

    Arts · Yeo, Thomas, 1936-
    Winter Landscape is an early work of Yeo’s prefiguring important aspects of his later oeuvre: colour and abstraction. The image also encapsulates landscape, which became an important aspect of Yeo’s later work, reflecting his fascination with travel and places. Physical dimensions of original: 1260 x 1000 mm.
  • PR8-G6 on 6P waves

    Arts · Poon, Anthony, 1945-2006
    PR8-G6 on 6P Waves is a fine example of Poon’s relief wave-paintings with canvas stretched on a metal armature of curved contours. It is a development of his earlier two-dimensional wave-paintings. The combination of Poon’s preferred cool blue tones with shades of warm rose colour marks a venture into hitherto...
  • Beach scene

    Arts · Yeo, Thomas, 1936-
    While as a student, Yeo picks up on a focus experimenting with different materials, including metal, textile and paints, and exploring the possibilities offered by the realm of colours. Beach Scene is an abstracted and expansive landscape that contrasts with the previous more formal example. It expresses the energy and...