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  • Self portrait

    Arts · Chen, Georgette, 1907-1993
    Portrait painting is another genre Chen was noted for. This self-portrait is a close-up, full-sized and hauntlngly-real likeness of herself. It shows a sense of cool detachment achieved through minimal lines which delineate the contours of the face and hair, meagre use of colours to differentiate shades of facial complexion and...
  • Autumn warmth

    Arts · Yeo, Thomas, 1936-
    Autumn warmth expresses Yeo’s lifelong fascination with nature, and more formal panoramic landscapes like this enable the artist to ‘escape’ from urban living. It takes him away from the confines of the city, enabling him to re-experience his travels. This work is part of the Singapore Art Museum Collection. Physical dimensions of...
  • Head of Ah Beng

    Arts · Personalities · Yeo, Thomas, 1936-
    The Head of Ah Beng is part of a series of ‘portraits’ dealing with social and cultural aspects of society. These are abstracted images of real and imaginary people. Ah Beng represents the artist’s interpretation of a Singaporean character that projects his identity through dress and behaviour – preoccupation with...
  • City vista

    Arts · Yeo, Thomas, 1936-
    City Vista represents the development of collage and the exploration of the potential of materials Yeo found around him. He regards collage as a way of freeing himself from the tyranny of the brush. This painting presents the idea of an abstract land/cityscape, commenting on the architecture of his environment. This...
  • Reflections : lotus pond in a moment of silence

    Arts · Chua, Ek Kay, 1947-2008
    The Reflections series emerged from the Lotus Pond series. While the latter presents the composites of plant life from the pond’s surface, the concept of the Reflections series delves more holistically on surface and submerged phenomena, thus conceptually strengthening the symbolic references to the macro-cosmic order of Taoist philosophy. Physical dimensions...
  • Variations on I-Ching

    Arts · Chng, Seok Tin
    Chng’s art and imagery often reflect her Asian roots. In the early 1980s, she became interested in the I-Ching (Book of Changes) – an ancient Chinese text that centers on the law of Yin and Yang, the idea of evolution of events and the acceptance of change – as a...
  • Archipelago

    Arts · Chua, Ek Kay
    The Archipelago series invokes the landscape of island-forms. The series returns Chua to the ink tradition of landscape painting, but Chua’s intentions are to cast the subject matter as symbolically localised landscapes to accommodate social and historical journeys of inter-regional migratory seafarers. Physical dimensions of original: 960 x 1420 mm.
  • Pyramid

    Arts · Wee, Beng-Chong, 1938-
    This work demonstrates Wee’s versatility in working across a number of art media and styles. The Great Sphinx of Giza is depicted in a cubist idiom. Three figures represented in the foreground accentuate the scale of the Sphinx. Using muted tones of brown, the work captures the distinct environment of...
  • A junction on Rochor Road

    Arts · Chua, Ek Kay, 1947-2008
    A Junction on Rochor Road is made after Chua’s return from post-graduate studies in Australia. Here, with the use of the technique of expressive ink and calligraphic strokes, Chua distorts the subject such that the image is at threat of dissolving into fragmentary chaos of patchy stains. The painting balances...
  • The last tango on the sea : no. 1

    Arts · Chng, Seok Tin
    Even as she contemplates the beauty of nature in her works, Chng is also an artist with a conscience, often reflecting on the issues of the day, decrying the destructive actions of man. Chng was moved to create this work after reading about the plight and tragedy of the “boat...
  • Moon Festival table

    Arts · Chen, Georgette, 1907-1993
    This painting of paper lanterns and festive goodies of the Moon Festival belies the conscious and careful efforts Chen put into her choice of objects, their composition and colour scheme. The work is a formal and yet unpretentious arrangement of festive goods, in reds and greens, against a simple, pale...
  • A wall of history

    Arts · Chua, Ek Kay, 1947-2008
    A Wall of History is a mature development of Chua’s Singapore Street Scenes series. Here, Chua clearly articulates his relationship with the series: the façade is now a symbol inscribed by and with history in bearing the residual stains of time and neglect. Physical dimensions of original: 1930 x 2520 mm.
  • Aqueous waves

    Arts · Poon, Anthony, 1945-2006
    An acrylic painting on canvas, Aqueous Waves represents the transition in Poon’s work from a visual vocabulary made up of purely geometric forms to one of curved lines – subsequently referred to as “waves”. The emphasis on both chromatic harmony and the savant distribution of shapes and forms is distinctive...
  • Inverted Y

    Arts · Poon, Anthony, 1945-2006
    Inverted Y is representative of Poon’s early practice during the period of training in the United Kingdom and the early 1970s when he first returned to Singapore. The use of shaped canvases on which Poon explores the relations between shades of the same colour and geometric forms through balance and...
  • Still life with cut apple and orange

    Arts · Chen, Georgette, 1907-1993
    This is an excellent example of the earlier works of Georgette Chen characterised by heavy brush strokes and texture. It reveals some influence by the 19th century French artist, Paul Cezanne. She combines the use of dynamic brush strokes with dark, heavy tones to suggest volume and texture. The fruits...
  • Winter landscape

    Arts · Yeo, Thomas, 1936-
    Winter Landscape is an early work of Yeo’s prefiguring important aspects of his later oeuvre: colour and abstraction. The image also encapsulates landscape, which became an important aspect of Yeo’s later work, reflecting his fascination with travel and places. Physical dimensions of original: 1260 x 1000 mm.
  • PR8-G6 on 6P waves

    Arts · Poon, Anthony, 1945-2006
    PR8-G6 on 6P Waves is a fine example of Poon’s relief wave-paintings with canvas stretched on a metal armature of curved contours. It is a development of his earlier two-dimensional wave-paintings. The combination of Poon’s preferred cool blue tones with shades of warm rose colour marks a venture into hitherto...
  • River Seine (France)

    Lim, Tze Peng, 1923-
    Completed during an art residency in Paris in 2000, the work demonstrates an impressionistic rendition of the famous River Seine in Paris, France. Hue and tonal contrast are handled competently using a limited colour palette. Lim captures the landmark cathedral Notre Dame de Paris in the background, a perennial subject...
  • East Coast vendor

    Arts · Chen, Georgette, 1907-1993
    Chen was well-traveled and often painted the people she met and places she visited. Around 1960-61, Chen went on a painting trip to the east coast of Malaysia. East Coast Vendor depicts a Malaysian rambutan seller with two children, dressed in colourful local costume. Bathed in strong tropical sunlight, the...
  • Painting 1979

    Arts · Wee, Beng-Chong, 1938-
    In this work, Wee relies on the deliberate placement of lines and coloured areas to attain a range of responses from viewers. Areas of colours are delineated on the picture surface with sharpness and clarity. His paint application is non-gestural and impersonal. The work demonstrates Wee’s preference for hard-edge painting...
  • Love

    Arts · Wee, Beng-Chong, 1938-
    Semi-representational, the work shows two figures locked in embrace in an upright position. Wee has produced numerous works expressing emotional and psychological conditions through abstract compositions. In this particular work, the figures are fused and suspended in an amorphous context, drawing greater attention to the materiality of their emotional state...
  • Beach scene

    Arts · Yeo, Thomas, 1936-
    While as a student, Yeo picks up on a focus experimenting with different materials, including metal, textile and paints, and exploring the possibilities offered by the realm of colours. Beach Scene is an abstracted and expansive landscape that contrasts with the previous more formal example. It expresses the energy and...
  • Singapore River

    Arts · Lim, Tze Peng, 1923-
    River bumboats are a long-standing subject in Lim’s paintings of the Singapore River, their presence filling each picture with symbolic and historical meanings. Impressionistically handled, Lim employs warm and vibrant colours such as red and green rendered in bold strokes, successfully creating a dynamic and joyous feel to the en...
  • Banyan tree

    Arts · Lim, Tze Peng, 1923-
    The tree is a recurring subject matter in Lim’s oeuvre. His encounters with large trees took place mainly during his painting expeditions overseas. Rendered expressively through a variety of bold and vigorous brushstrokes, the work demonstrates Lim’s versatility in both western oil and Chinese ink media. This work with ink and...