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  • Moon Festival table

    Arts · Chen, Georgette, 1907-1993
    This painting of paper lanterns and festive goodies of the Moon Festival belies the conscious and careful efforts Chen put into her choice of objects, their composition and colour scheme. The work is a formal and yet unpretentious arrangement of festive goods, in reds and greens, against a simple, pale...
  • Still life with cut apple and orange

    Arts · Chen, Georgette, 1907-1993
    This is an excellent example of the earlier works of Georgette Chen characterised by heavy brush strokes and texture. It reveals some influence by the 19th century French artist, Paul Cezanne. She combines the use of dynamic brush strokes with dark, heavy tones to suggest volume and texture. The fruits...
  • East Coast vendor

    Arts · Chen, Georgette, 1907-1993
    Chen was well-traveled and often painted the people she met and places she visited. Around 1960-61, Chen went on a painting trip to the east coast of Malaysia. East Coast Vendor depicts a Malaysian rambutan seller with two children, dressed in colourful local costume. Bathed in strong tropical sunlight, the...
  • Singapore waterfront

    Arts · Chen, Georgette, 1907-1993
    One of several paintings Chen did of the Singapore River, this work shows bumboats against a backdrop of shophouses. The painting shows Chen’s analytical skill and objective handling of different surfaces with different brushstrokes - employing broken lines for waves, light, sensuous, pointillist touch of the brush to reveal the...