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  • Simplon Hospice, postcard : front

    Streets and Places · Nature and Environment
    The image shows a general view of the Simplon Hospice owned by the the Congregation of Canons Regular at Grand-Saint-Bernard. The hospice is located at the top of the Simplon Pass and near the Kaltwasser Pass. The Wasenhorn mountain and the glacier at the Kaltwasser Pass can be seen in...
  • Simplon Hospice, postcard : back

    Streets and Places · Nature and Environment
    This image shows the back of the postcard "Simplon Hospice, postcard". A message in blue ink is handwritten on the divided back of the postcard. Dated "1/5/22", the postcard is written to "Miss P. N. Song" at "97-3 Orchard Road Singapore S. S.". The writer continues to write about their...