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  • Clifford Pier and view of Singapore harbour

    Streets and Places
    This is a black-and-white postcard with a photograph of Clifford Pier. It also offers a view of the Singapore harbour. Situated on Collyer Quay at the mouth of the Singapore River, Clifford Pier was built between 1927 and 1933. The back of the postcard is unwritten. Date of creation estimated....
  • Singapour : un coin du quai = a corner of the port

    Streets and Places · Economy
    This is a black and white postcard with a photograph of a scenery of a dock. It shows a dock filled with port workers engaged in their work. On the left and in the back of the photograph are two large godowns. The words "Singapour : un coin du quai...
  • Port

    Streets and Places · Organisations
    This is a black and white postcard with an aerial photograph of a port. The photograph shows ships and boats in the water on the left and at the far end. On the left, next to the water is the dock. Several godowns can be seen in the middle of...
  • Singapore, harbour entrance

    Streets and Places
    This is a black and white postcard with a photograph of a scenery of the entrance to Singapore Harbour. It shows a body of water with plants in the foreground, and a fishing village in the background. The words "Singapore, Harbour entrance" are printed at the bottom of the postcard....
  • Folkstone Harbour, postcard : back

    Streets and Places · Transportation
    This image shows the back of the postcard "Folkstone Harbour, postcard". A message in black ink is handwritten on the divided back of the postcard. Dated "17/9/22", the postcard is written by "S. H." to "Miss P. N. Song". The writer writes of their journey from Brixton to Charing Cross...
  • Folkstone Harbour, postcard : front

    Streets and Places · Transportation
    The image shows a general view of the Folkstone Harbour, located at the town of Folkestone in Kent, England. A turbine steamer is leaving the harbour, with steam streaming from the stacks. Several other ships and sailboats are also docked at the harbour. The postcard bears the caption "D_46180. Folkestone:...